Thursday, August 26, 2010

Todays crochet..

Hello to all you busy people, thankyou for taking time out of your busy day to drop in and read my blog :)) Today has been very interesting and a positive out come :)) K-Mart , love it or hate it, they are open 24hrs in our town, Wow!!!!!!!  I hear you say, but remember we are an Island and a beautiful one at that.. things are a little slower here but we love it that way :))
Wooleater rug in progress
But I digress, while hubbie was purusing the electronics isle, the wool display was calling me... It isn't a huge selection but ok. I found GOLD, I didn't have to go into that other store LOL... there it was stacked in neat rows, just the colour I was looking for. With a smile on my dial, I felt the softness of the yarn and put it in the cart. I found hubby and we did a bit more shopping.. And home sweet home, to check the colour I had bought......... "Horrors," it is nothing like it.. how can cream look like a pale lemon???  All I can say is thankfully I can use it :))
The long Lost Book.

baby Shawl in progress..
I am also in the middle of making  baby shawls, the picture is so cute.
I have made this pattern  a few times, but, somewhere in my life it vanished. I  hunted everywhere for a copy and then at the second hand shop, there it was just waiting for me..I couldn't believe my eyes, it was sweet..
  The pattern crochets up beautifully and the edging finishes the shawl off just right... Although I might add I am using yarn my kind friend gave me when she heard I was crocheting for twins and wanted to contribute to the gift.. The yarn is Panda Baby Opal.. and the pattern is crocheted in a granny square ...Well thats me for now ,.
 Thanks again for stopping by, and have a great evening..:))


glor said...

The rug and shawl are just beautiful. You do such perfect stitches. Any time at all is the perfect time to buy yarn!! Love it! Have a wonderful day.

Maria said...

K-mart may be open 24 hours but our local one yarn supply is woeful. I stick to Bendigo now, cause I just love natural wool.

Your wool-eater is looking great as is the baby blanket

Faith said...

This is such a pretty pattern, what is the name of it? It looks complex. I am unfamiliar with this
pattern. Do you make many and stitch them together? About the yarn..I live 5 minutes from a Micheals, and 15 from a Jo-ann fabrics.of the 2, Micheals has more selection, however they run out and sometimes don't replace the color that was there. I have never tried Kmart, the other mart
"W" is woefully lacking in yarn, it has your basic colors...that is it. Hoping you are having a wonderful blessed day..

pattas said...

Thankyou ladies for dropping by.Faith the pattern has a couple of names, of late it is called, wooleater rug, I know it as, honeycomb, and then there is the Hungarian Reversable, and harliquin Stitch.. I have my mums old pattern books and they are a bonus for different sts... hope this helps..
crochet hugs pat in tas :))