Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A beautiful story I want to share with you today ....

A beautiful Son Brother Uncle,Husband and DAD... All because someone cared....Thankyou.. .........Congratulations Phil and Happy 40th Birthday............

(His words...)
Well! It's my birthday. A day of celebration, a day of reflection, and a day of thanks. I'll be thinking a lot about a lot of stuff today,  Some of it will  revolve around the unlikely story that is my life, and the fact that it keeps on going.

I'm humbled and truly grateful for the birthday wishes I've received already. Can I ask one favour please to anyone who spares a moment to write a message, and anyone who already has. If you wish me happy birthday, please also write a short note of thanks, on my behalf, to my donor. I've been a caretaker of someone else's lungs now for nearly 18 long years, and they, nor their family have received any thanks for it yet. I plan to remedy that this year.

I don't often trumpet the organ donation cause, but today seems like a good day to do so. Have a chat to someone you know is sitting on the fence, or who just hasn't registered. Tell them about me, tell them I'm not the only one - tell them I know lots of people living full, productive and generous lives because someone was an organ donor. Organ donation doesn't just save lives, it creates them. Donate life today@DonateLifeToday