Monday, August 27, 2012

Rose baby rug ..

Claudes pattern can be found here

Apple Blossoms rose pattern here

Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to you all who have stopped by my last blog :))and to the beautiful ladies  who have joined..
If you have questions, I will answer you on the blog or by private mail if you have it switched on...  Thankyou :))

I completed the edging of the Rose baby rug last evening.. it measures 30x32"".
I love the ice pink yarn,(not a true colour in the pic) although a cheaper brand than I would normally use for babies items , I was amazed at how easy it was to crochet.. No splitting of the yarn which is a bonus if you use cheap yarn, and it feels soft..
Will I use it again??  if I can find it in ice blue lol..
Dorothy over at Hooks and Grannies asked a question of a group of crocheters at
Australiacrochet, what yarn,wool, we used for making baby items..
Bendigo wool , Wendy, Panda were some of the answers, But the most popular was Bendigo baby Wool.  
It is so soft to crochet .. I am about to order white 4ply as the Chef and I are to become grandparents to our youngest son and his partner.. Its very exciting.. Although this will make 8 for me.. It never loses it shine.. being a gran is just the best thing...:))
This is Claude.. Lazing about with his quilted jacket.. I made the little jacket  about 25 odd years ago... yep still got it .. Gosh its getting to be a family heirloom LOL..
 A peek at the new material I purchased here on the net from NSW.. Craft Depot..

 Back to sewing machine today... Overcast and a cold wind blowing in (snow on the mountains...) brrr..
Bring on Summer ........ I am so over winter........LOL

Have a great week everyone..  and remember a smile goes for miles.. Cheers..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Quilts and a little R&R

 Pansy flowers are so lovely, and the material has been in a stash for a couple years.. sewn together in squares.. and put aside..  until a couple of weeks ago when the bug bit and I have been sewing just about everyday...:)) Stitch in the ditch is what I did for this quilt..   I am not real good at the hand quilting.. so the easier the better for me..

As for the R&R,, The Chef and I took a few days off and drove down the river to
George Town/Low Head..The sun shone in the mornings which gave us time to visit the Pilot Station at Low Head,est. in 1805( which is now open as a Maritime museum..) link here

It looks like a very wet weekend, A great time to finish off a few more crochet items. 

Remember these little gems??? well DIL of eldest Son is going to make me a granny .. I love this pattern it is so easy to make all in one piece . Gotta be happy
with that..
Ok . thats it from my part of the world.. Stay safe and well . Happy crafting :))..