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 8ply Bendigo cotton 4mm hook,
Australian terms.
ch 42 , dc into 2nd ch from hook..
2 rows of dc..
1row of trs..
2ch , v st (1tr1ch1tr)miss 1 tr vst, continue to end row.turn 2ch ,dc into every st, this will be on the alt rows.
2ch miss 1 dc, vst, miss 1dc, vst, continue in this pattern every alterative row..
finish washer with 2 rows of dc.. finish off and using colour of your choice crabst/reverse dc. around to complete.. 
13 vst rows 12 dc rows..
If you make this item let me know  :))...


 Free Facewasher pattern N0.2

 Australian Terms used..
4ply cotton,
3:00 or 3:50 hook.
ch 42
 Foundation Row..
dc into 2ch from hook, dc into remaining ch.
1ch, turn.
Row 1. dc into each st across.  1ch turn,
 Row 2 .
1dc in second st 1tr into next, (1dc into next st, 1tr into next st) repeat to end, ending with a dc, 2ch turn.
1tr into next dc,1dc into next tr.. repeat across row..

Continue pattern till size required..

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