Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Friends, Two Potholders :))

Faith and I have had a potholder swap..  What a hoot it has been..
The posty arrived with it early yesterday morning at my front door, I couldn't wait to show it to hubby and my friend Tina from Crochet and Orchids..

I wanted to make something different for the swap, well , you can read about it at crochet by the sea 
But enough of that..
Look at what Faith made for me :))
So beautifully crocheted, with a lovely shell pattern, it even has a chimney.. So sweet.. I smile every time  I see it.. With it came a lovely card and a message :))

Look at these little flowers, I love it..
I have seen Faiths work from time to time on her blog and admired her work, well now I Own one :)) Thank you again Faith ..
If you haven't had a swap with a blogging friend, I suggest you try it, its been a lot of fun :))

Monday, May 23, 2011

More Mitts..

Back again after a very busy week here on my patch.
So what have I been doing all week I hear you ask ??
On the crochet front it looks like this :))
crocheted hug me tight.
I thought I would crochet the" hug me tight" pattern instead of knitting. I love the colour .
It is Patons Big Baby 4ply, using a 3mm hook. I like to have something small on the go that I can  pick up and crochet while waiting for other things to happen :))
 red mitts waiting to be finished. 
A slightly different back view of a neck warmer.
3 completed sets of mitts,
close up view of the sts used..

Of course I still have on the Hook,
A baby shawl,
2 baby jackets,
1 pair socks,
2 scarfs,
1 Adult jacket,
2 knitted jackets awaiting quilted fronts..
Oh my goodness, will I complete these ufo's this year??
Who knows but I will give it my best shot LOL..
 For all you cheese lovers out there,
 Hubby and I sampled his
Camembert cheese, it tasted so good..
I'll see you over at your place :)) Till then "Cheers"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Promise..

I have done it again .. I promised myself, this year would be a year of finishing those bags of UFO's... (sigh)
But here I am madly crocheting away with yet another scarf and mittens.. I don't seem to be able to stop LOL..
dusty pink ..
Gloves and scarf pin..
Bendigo wool.
crocheted using Bendigo wool.
I find this pattern very easy to do .. The pink scarf and mitts are crocheted using Moda Vera and a 5.00mm hook. and the yellow wool a 4mm hook, which made it a tighter stitch..
Well I am about to start a beige set now using Panda magmun soft 8ply..
TTFN..(tat ta for now )..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Croc Mittens and scarf.

I decided I needed to make fingerless gloves/mittens to go with the scarf I made for DSIL and this is what I came up with .. What do you think??
Not at all hard to crochet the tutorial is on my last post...Youtube has some great crochet lessons.. check it out , you won't be disappointed..
And the scarf to go with them :))
(from previous post)
Ok thats it for now, see you at your blog .. Til then happy crafting :))

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My first Mothers Day Gift ..Happy Mothers Day..

S.M.C. my first Mothers Day gift  :))
Aren't they cute ?? They are my first born,  Born on Mothers Day 1969.. Lots of mischief there..

Today I made this scarf from a tutorial I found on YouTube.. This is a gift for my S.I.L ,Mothers day ..
Happy Mothers Day  to all , have a wonderful day :))

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby shawl and hug me tight ..

 An easy knitted baby top made from cuff to cuff.
S.I.L found this wonderful book at St Vinnies. 

Crocheted Baby Shawl.

Another wip completed .