Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chocolate cake and Owls

How thrilled I was to find a cake mix that is Gluten free....... I can tell you it went down a treat over the Australia Day Week-end...:))

It was so yummy with a huge dollop of cream..

The Owls are always a pleasure to make, and I can now crochet them while watching a little tellie..

crocheted in Magnum Soft 8ply 4mm hook.Large size..

8ply Magnum synthetic crocheted a little hard.This is the smaller size .

They were fun to make, whats next on the hook?? Maybe a heart or 2..
I belong to AustraliaCrochet group, and our group mum sends out a P.O.W each Monday..(pattern of the week). This is what I would like to make from this weeks LINK  ..  Valentines day..not far away now.. Why not make one for the love of your life :))

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its Owl maddness..

 The slipper Owl pattern is so easy to follow, and fit my big foot beautifully.
They come in 4 sizes so could easily be made for the man of the house :))

I love this purse, I made 3 owls in place of the baby owls. Once again eye candy here girls,, great talking piece when shopping or meeting with the girls :))

I wasn't going to show this hat,much prefer the buttons. Crocheted  one owl here, dc/sc eyes...
The yarn I have used has been Aus 8ply acrylic 4.50 hook.. for all 3 of these projects and am pleased with the outcome..

I have been over to The Hook Hound again and found there a pattern for owl fingerless gloves... Well you know what that means..LOL.. I have to have it..

Thats it till next time Thanks for stopping :))

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Owl Hat..

We are having a hoot of a time over here at Hooks and Books.. Joining in the fun of owl crochet :))
Finished this afternoon..

Close up of crocheted Owl..

I had to use different pairs of buttons.
I used Panda Magnum 8 ply,soft yarn and #4mm G hook... The more I make the more fun I have... I know one little girl will be pleased to wear this.

Next is a pair of slippers...

Pattern can be Found Here ..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Owl Purse..

Can't believe I have actually finished this fabulous Owl pattern. Thanks to 
Scottys Place Where Pammy had a link to a beautiful knitted shawl with the owls ..Here
The search was on for a crochet pattern... And this now completes the story.. Well sort of , because now...... I have to crochet the next  OWL pattern.

Progress this morning , starting to take the shape of the Owl..

The Pattern is available over at Carlinda Lewis
TA DA..............  Cool eh? 
I have noticed that my smaller owls are different to the pattern pic.. If anyone makes this Purse, I would be interested to know if yours turns out the same ....
have a great day :))

Monday, January 14, 2013

Clutch Purse..

I have been hunting on the net for a smallish clutch purse..So I googled crochet purses hit the button on the left for images and boy!  Bags galore.
Which one to choose was the big question ,but.............

This is the Link I chose for the pattern..
I thought 51 ch was to small for me so I crocheted 101ch.. 

5:50 hook and used Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8ply New Wool , it took 1 1/2 50gr balls.. completed in an evening , this afternoon finished the sewing and added a rose...

I am going to start on an owl purse now..A pic will follow..If you go across to Scotties you will see the link to owl pattern..

Ok thats it till next time :)) Happy Crafting ..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hoot the Owl..

Hoot and Dolly..
I made the little Owl this afternoon, so cute and easy to make.. He is made from synthetic yarn , I left out the buttons for his eyes , just crocheting them.. Dolly"s hat is a cup cake crocheted in Wendy Peter Pan DK.. trimmed in pink...The little dress I made last year I think.. Patterns available at Ravelry..
Dolly and Ducky#2..
There is a lovely pattern for cup cake hat over at Debi Y check it out.. You will not be disappointed .. She has some lovely ideas and patterns :))

Just the three of us ..

Happy Birthday Ben I hope you have had a great day :))

Before I go Tina over at Bits and pieces has started a new blog, You may remember her from Crochet and Orchids... If you are a follower or  want to join  please go over and say Hi!.. I know you will be most welcome.

Happy crafting weekend. :))

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cup cake..

First of the cup cake baby hats .
I found this Pattern on Ravelry you can purchase the pattern Here

I added crab st in place of the sl st..

 Here she is... so cute ,,

 Crocheted in Lily Sugar and Cream , #5mm hook.. pattern Here 
it is a free pattern..

What is next on the hook,,,,?? Why and owl of course :))
Cheers for now ..

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rug & Bib.

Bib and Burp cloth...
Crocheted in Paton's cotton from long ago, 4:50 hook , trimmed in pink,using my favourite edging crab st.. I thought crocheting a Burp cloth would be different  just a little longer than a face washer .. :))

Baby flannelet panel.
I purchased the panel from Esmes a quilting shop I love to visit, plus it is local and has some gorgeous materials, wool, etc...

I also backed it in pink.. Everything is coming out pink LOL..

The next project is crochet ducklings , I found the pattern Here 
Have a great day :))