Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Found my Head :))

 I have been on a short break to the mainland, catching up with family and grandchild.
While on a shopping trip I found it , and only $10:00.Yes , my head, I have been hunting everywhere for one.. So I came home very pleased.
I love this hat with the flower.

and another one with flower.
The Chef and I came down with the dreaded Flu so not a lot of crochet has been happening..
I did manage to make a couple of bags while I was away, which the family now have :))

This bag is a little larger, I find the slightly wider handles work well for larger items.
I have orders for the bags now, so I am pleased at last we can now use our cotton bags instead of those dreaded plastic bags...
Before you go,
Check out bead knitting and crochet leave a comment and you may be the recipient of a giveaway.
I would like to thank Kerrie over at Kerrie's Corner for her lovely words of encouragement..
See you at your place :))