Monday, March 26, 2012

Crochet jacket and giggle yarn fun..

Yayyyyy it is finished.. I can't believe it..After all this time, it is out of the bag and ready to wear on the next cold day :))
Now a little bit of giggle yarn up date...
As there are only 2 ladies who wish to participate in the giggle fun, I have extended it till
Saturday 31st March... So come on .. Lets have a giggle ..

A very big thankyou to you all for your comments,  Have a fun week, see you at your place :))

Sunday, March 25, 2012

He made it ..

Just a quick up date on the  inaugoral Asian Pacific Iron Man Held in Melbourne today..
Son made it in under the 12 hours... Here is a pic I borrowed from my daughter..
From my family to you  A Huge "Thankyou .."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Breathe Deep, Stand Tall..

I guess you are wondering what I am on about, but you will have to bear with me as I put a very important link in here..Endure to Cure..
My youngest son in participating in his first Iron Man for Charity..
What I am asking you to do is to open the link and read a little about this young man and why he is running, swimming, and riding..
Along with a team in Victoria Australia, they will be "Breathing Deep and Standing Tall " ..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A bit of Giggle fun...

I think we could do with a little bit of giggle yarn fun...
So here is what I am going to do ...I have made a small dish cloth..
small but thick dish cloth :))
The yarn I have left over I would like to send to another knitter/crocheter who would like to make a square or dish cloth also.. 
My cloth consists of... knitting needles.. 4mm.. 30st .. knit/crochet until your work measures 6"X 6" or there abouts..( my cloth measurements).. Keeping the cloth measurements size will enable a couple more K/C to participate..

Rules... when you have completed your cloth Blog it...and link it to me.... then post the remaining yarn,and the rules on to another crafty person of your choice and so on...  If you agree to the Rules.. Lets do it:))
I will choose on Sunday (A.E.S.T.).. 25th March.
Send me a comment .
 Good luck and happy crafting :))

Monday, March 19, 2012

Giggles ..

Giggles indeed.. soft, colourful.... but not easy to crochet.. for me that is.. I love the feel of it but cannot see the stitches.. So do I use another yarn with it ??
It is slightly stretchy..
 I just love the colours. ..
It makes a great dish cloth, or even a fab bath mat... decisions, decisions..

This dear little jacket is made from a pattern in the book Surprise crochet, Sweaters for baby ..  Now I have to tell you it is a brilliant pattern.. made in one piece..

back view.. It was crocheted in yarn I bought from a local shop for about $2 for 100grams balls.. Hook #5mm.  It is slightly thicker than Aussie 8ply..

I am itching to make another, but I have been reading my old crochet books and am dying to get stuck into filet crochet.. so many gorgeous patterns..

Not enough hours in my day...    :))

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby jackets Part 3 ..

More of those precious little jackets..
 I am getting quite a collection now ,and soon will have enough to go to the babies in need.. I am enjoying making them so much that I purchased a crochet book on booktopia.. I saw it first on Dorothys Blog..  A great read, scroll down and you can see the pic of the book.. and all the wonderful crochet/knitting  :))

The chef has been busy using up the last of those beautiful toms.. The tom juice is in the freezer ready for soup bases..

But wait there is more , 25% more LOL..
Cheese........ I am so spoilt... This time .. Rind wash cheese..
Cheese in the wonderful wash of Australian Rose Mount Cabernet Sauvignon..
this will be ready in about 3mnths... I have to wait that long LOL.............

Thats it for today...   Have a great crafty week.. Keep those comments coming,
You know I love to read them ..:)) Cheers..