Monday, November 16, 2015

Good things come to those who wait..

Well I have waited a life time to hear and see my favourite singer... Neil Diamond... (drool) on his world tour came to Melbourne Victoria after  40 years....He is still gorgeous...
Wow is was amazing , exciting, and I screamed and yahoo,ed with the 
 My Daughter InLaw loved the show so much she lost her voice...
A free tram after the show took us close to the Casino , where a cup of coffee was much needed..It was a cool evening and the Yarra was beautifully lit by the "Light Show"the Casino have every night..

 And to celebrate the occasion with family my DDLI Made this delish birthday cake..  Gluten free of course..:))


A little bit of crochet..Prayer Shawl pattern on Ravelry..of course it is still on the hook.
It is yarn I have had in my stash for years something like a 5ply and a 4mm hook..
Crocheted in Bendigo Woollen Mills Baby wool..
Pattern off Ravelry again .. I used 8ply a 4.50mm hook Marvel "4 Seasons"

This one is a pressie for Christmas to a friend over the seas...