Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another year comes to an end..

So what have I done??  
One small doily..
A baby blanket..
From this book..
A Doily WIP..
Another blanket..
Flower clips for Ruby..
Chrissy tree.
And the garden in bloom..I hope you have a safe and happy 2016.. See you there :))

Monday, November 16, 2015

Good things come to those who wait..

Well I have waited a life time to hear and see my favourite singer... Neil Diamond... (drool) on his world tour came to Melbourne Victoria after  40 years....He is still gorgeous...
Wow is was amazing , exciting, and I screamed and yahoo,ed with the 
 My Daughter InLaw loved the show so much she lost her voice...
A free tram after the show took us close to the Casino , where a cup of coffee was much needed..It was a cool evening and the Yarra was beautifully lit by the "Light Show"the Casino have every night..

 And to celebrate the occasion with family my DDLI Made this delish birthday cake..  Gluten free of course..:))


A little bit of crochet..Prayer Shawl pattern on Ravelry..of course it is still on the hook.
It is yarn I have had in my stash for years something like a 5ply and a 4mm hook..
Crocheted in Bendigo Woollen Mills Baby wool..
Pattern off Ravelry again .. I used 8ply a 4.50mm hook Marvel "4 Seasons"

This one is a pressie for Christmas to a friend over the seas...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Checking In..

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last blog... I have celebrated my 70th Birthday with family from the mainland and here at home plus lovely friends...

So what have I been crocheting ,, well a few things...:))

With all the sales going on at the moment I did buy a little yarn :))

Love this pattern Not sure what it is called... great colours.. Footy colours that is Collingwood.. :))

Ripple Granny Drop in the pond from Ravelry drop in the pond

Happy colours with my uke..

Squares ready for stitching..

The latest project on the hook African flowers..

Birthday Flowers ..

Well thats it from me short and sweet eh?  Enjoy the day :))

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Addison Hat pattern is beautiful crochet and this month I have made 6 adding a little flower for decoration... One has winged its way across the ocean to mainland Aust... Love making them here is where you will find the Link...  free pattern here..

Uorner to Corner pattern for this baby blanket.. Very quick and easy,crocheted in 8ply baby yarn.. 4:50 hook.. I found Bev's page so helpful for measurements of all baby and Adult needs . you can find the link Here

There have been other crochet items like , Bags and soakers,.. all made from cotton in my stash... trying so hard to use what I have instead of buying but,,,,, I did manage to find some gorgeous colours at our local wool shop. Knits Needles and Wool...

I have found..... Instagram....You will find me if you look for...crochetisle...

Thats it from me have a great day :))

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grandchildren and a little crochet..

We have had the best Easter this year... Our youngest son and his wife and 2 little girls came to stay at Gran and Pops..We had just the best time. Being a Nanna/Gran is just the best .. I love to hear the little voices ..
The outcome was crochet flowers for Ruby's hair, and a couple of bibs for baby Ivy..
Of course there was another little girl born into our family , her name is Georgia.. Welcome little one..

Ruby's flowers..

A few pics of the bibs, these are so easy to crochet and I just know you will want to make them too... I made them using 8 ply cotton and 4mm and 4.50mm hooks....  the pattern I have used is..... CtoC and granny st.
what could be easier. :)) So what are you waiting for ??... lol..

Add a flower these little flowers are hair clips.

Right side plus a face washer.

Other side of bib..

Of course I couldn't end a Happy Easter with out a pic of my favourite and loveable pooch... Killer ..:))

Thats it.... back to crocheting ...

Friday, March 13, 2015

A quick posting.

One of the doilies I have completed I love this pattern ..

Party favours for a friend....

Little crochet flowers , using little bits of cotton.. I have so much lol..

The chef is at it again.. Fresh Camembert cheese.. can't wait sooooo good :))

Must away happy crafting :))

Saturday, January 31, 2015

 It's an exciting time in our garden at the moment.. The fruit trees are starting to show the lovely colours of ripe fruit.. peaches , Greengages 
Black Berries, and unfortunately the last of the Blue berries ..
Tomatoes are ripening and the beans are in overload .. Not long now and the Sweetcorn will be ready for the pot :))
 This is one of my favourite patterns crocheted in in 8ply Baby yarn by  Wendy Peter Pan. 4.50 hook.. An attempt at using the stash.. 2 different shades of green ..
 Ok more doilies for the month January 2015.. I love making them and once again using what is in my stash.. the size of cotton range is #10/20
Hook 1.25/2.00
 This is my favourite.. Just love the way it has turned out.#20 cotton.DMC Cebelia.
 Not sure about this one but I guess it is ok..
 Doily on the hook ..DMC Cebelia #20 Blanc Hook 1.25

Thats about it from my craft room, tomorrow is another day, and the fun starts with "What will I crochet this month"?.
Bye for now :))

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Doily Over load..

I have the doily bug... this pic is of Dec 2014... and still there are more for the month.. I decided to use the cotton in my stash .. It would seem Faith
has the same problem. :))
The patterns come from Crochet Monthly..a UK published mag..

This one as you can tell is of Christmas.. The Christmas cones are made from small squares of ribbon..

I love the Christmas colours

So many patterns to choose from it can be quite a challenge..
This one is a favourite .. There are many more including this months.. but I will keep them for another time....
happy Crocheting :)) Pat ..