Thursday, January 15, 2015

Doily Over load..

I have the doily bug... this pic is of Dec 2014... and still there are more for the month.. I decided to use the cotton in my stash .. It would seem Faith
has the same problem. :))
The patterns come from Crochet Monthly..a UK published mag..

This one as you can tell is of Christmas.. The Christmas cones are made from small squares of ribbon..

I love the Christmas colours

So many patterns to choose from it can be quite a challenge..
This one is a favourite .. There are many more including this months.. but I will keep them for another time....
happy Crocheting :)) Pat ..


homeschooljewelrymom said...

Beautiful doilies!

Faith said...

Hi Pat, brr is right on the money, fortunately the sun is out to "appear" it may be warmer, when it goes down it really feels and looks like winter. Our home is heated by a gas furnace. I have a decorative fire place, years ago there was a gas heater in there, it's gone now, I would like to have a real working fireplace...ah someday? You sure do have the doily bug, but they lovely. I have not worked in thread for quite a while, and have a nice little stash of it going on too. Yarn in the winterime, I'm on a roll with that it would seem for now, thank you for stopping and visiting dear friend.

Pammy Sue said...

Beautiful doilies, Pat! You know I love them! So fun to see them all on the table in a pile.

Bev C said...

Hello Pat,

Beautiful crochet work, I can't quite see the white filet pattern, what is the design, she is hiding.

Happy days.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh Pat, I love them all!

I have been thinking about doilies lately. I am wanting to make some blue ones, and I like the colour blue you have used, so bright and cheery :)