Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Its just the 2 of us ..

Family have returned to their homes and its Just the 2 of us once again..
What a great time we have had.. 3 birthdays to celebrate and oh, don't I love the cake LOL...
Because my daughter was born 10 mins later than the boys, and I might add the next day, she has always been adamant that her birthday be the next day..

After all the excitement I have been able to complete my Jacket

Jacket crocheted in the blue
I am so pleased with the finished garment.. I even added a collar..
It is crocheted in one piece to the arms very easy :))

Another on the hook this pattern has no shaping , a breeze really..

Baby rug on the hook and is prettier than the pic. :))

Last of all today, rose squares , there are about 100 or so , for a rug I think..

I am looking forward to having a cuppa with you all , so I will see you at your place:))

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day and Thank You ..

Happy Mothers Day and thankyou to all who took part in todays Mothers Day Walk or run for Breast Cancer ... Thankyou to my DD..