Sunday, July 24, 2011

Genealogy and crochet.

Facinating subject Genealogy.. It is where I have been most of the week , on the computer looking and hoping for a snippet of gossip, a picture or two, an ooo, or oh no.. LOL. I know we are out there, it just takes time .. Which brings me to the best time spent of all.......... Crocheting....... :))
this is what I have to show for the week that was ...

granny square blanket.

broomstick lace pram blanket.
baby bibs in cotton.

more baby hats .
I was looking at a blog this morning which I know you will want to visit  one pair of hands  There is an item that we all need to know,  A great way to mend those holes in woollen garments etc..
one for the road..

Did I say Road...... Tour de France.. Cadel Evens ,,, your GOLD...........

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dolly and baby hats :))

I saw her at the second hand shop looking sad, no clothes no hair..:(( I made her a new outfit, knitted some booties and now after much love from children over the past few years, she is now my model.. Her name is  "Dolly".. :))
Pretty in Pink ..
oops ! a little lop sided
Cute in a Baby Blue hugger.
Daisy and Dolly pretty ..
I have used baby wool , pure wool 8 ply. using a 4mm and 4:50mm clover soft touch.. As for the pattern I used a basic pattern and added the st that I felt happy with..
I must confess she still hasn't any hair..:((
                    Free Baby hat patterns
Just follow the link to the patterns, there are some really great ideas there..
thanks for stopping by,.
Happy hooking :))

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wrapped up....

                                     ....... in grandma's Love ..
Nathan at 6months..
Wearing crochet cap grandma made..

Close up..