Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For Maria :))

Tina's Pattern.
I have had a request from Maria for a close up of Tina's Pattern for a hexagon..Tina's Pattern. So if you need to find out more just click on the link to Tina's Blog..
and leave a message, I know she will be thrilled you stopped by. :))

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Threads of Friendship Craft day out . :))

Craft day out..
After a fabulous day out with about 150 other like minded ladies, I am totally rung out, in the nicest possible way.. My friend Tina and I had a ball, talking and learning about other craft, and the FOOD, (i love food) ..
The day started at 9am where we found a table and unpacked our crochet , and took a look around the craft stalls and book swap. Before we knew it , it was morning tea, with some delicious slices, sandwiches, and a cup cake... back to the craft and the classes on how to make hearts on a string, lunch time, I'm loving this.. Soup and sandwiches cake biccies, and fruit.. Spoilt :)) Don't forget that all important cuppa tea..
I found a table where beads were being made into doilies and fabulous Jewelry.. Others were knitting, embroidering beautiful table cloths, quilting, on so on.. And now after all that I am ready for the dinner my wonderful hubby has made for me:))

  Hope you have had a super Saturday, thanks for dropping by, don't forget to leave me a message, I do like to know if you enjoyed my blog..
 I didn't tell you all that this was held in that beautiful town of Longford, on a beautiful sunny day... Snow on all the mountains, and we were as warm as toast :))

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Todays crochet..

Hello to all you busy people, thankyou for taking time out of your busy day to drop in and read my blog :)) Today has been very interesting and a positive out come :)) K-Mart , love it or hate it, they are open 24hrs in our town, Wow!!!!!!!  I hear you say, but remember we are an Island and a beautiful one at that.. things are a little slower here but we love it that way :))
Wooleater rug in progress
But I digress, while hubbie was purusing the electronics isle, the wool display was calling me... It isn't a huge selection but ok. I found GOLD, I didn't have to go into that other store LOL... there it was stacked in neat rows, just the colour I was looking for. With a smile on my dial, I felt the softness of the yarn and put it in the cart. I found hubby and we did a bit more shopping.. And home sweet home, to check the colour I had bought......... "Horrors," it is nothing like it.. how can cream look like a pale lemon???  All I can say is thankfully I can use it :))
The long Lost Book.

baby Shawl in progress..
I am also in the middle of making  baby shawls, the picture is so cute.
I have made this pattern  a few times, but, somewhere in my life it vanished. I  hunted everywhere for a copy and then at the second hand shop, there it was just waiting for me..I couldn't believe my eyes, it was sweet..
  The pattern crochets up beautifully and the edging finishes the shawl off just right... Although I might add I am using yarn my kind friend gave me when she heard I was crocheting for twins and wanted to contribute to the gift.. The yarn is Panda Baby Opal.. and the pattern is crocheted in a granny square ...Well thats me for now ,.
 Thanks again for stopping by, and have a great evening..:))

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bead knitting and crochet: It's here...

Bead knitting and crochet: It's here...: "Great excitement this afternoon, The postal van pulled up and sure enough my bride doll had arrived.. Even with our internet we still have t..."

Progress of a CAL

A Beginning.
yarn and CAL beginning
After much deliberation I have settled for these colours, although the picture doesn't do it justice.. In the light of day , it looks  ok. Although the yarn is "Marvel" and not one of my favourite, it is crocheting up quite well.. It is for a gift, and I know it will be appreciated.. :)) Yesterday morning was spent working out another 4 squares I had previously made of the same pattern,should I sew them together, dc around, or lace it... None  of the joins worked for me, so they will be made into cushions for Christmas gifts, that's another one out of the way.

The 4 squares are very pretty and will make lovely cushions.
Post st pot holder.
Completed in Sugar and Cream Cotton..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sugar and Cream

Sugar and Cream.
I love Sugar and Cream cotton, so much that I just had to order some from the States :))
I bought my last stash some years back in Sale Vic. I couldn't believe my luck at the time, but then it seemed to disappear off the shelves of the wool shops...My friend 
was told about spinblessings on the net and it went from there.. So here it is, I love the yellow so bright and happy..I get alot of satisfaction just looking at it LOL.
There is snow on the Tiers, and it is cold.. The sun is shining over my community at the moment and rain forecast this afternoon.. I don't mind as I will be able to crochet....:))

 3 more Orchids in bloom today, a beautiful pink with 5 spikes , and a lemon green. They are such a joy to see.. I have 4 in the home and more outside.. these pics are of  my miniature Orchids.  A lovely gift from my friends last year... Thankyou, Tina and John :))
I Hope you are having a great Saturday..Till next time, thanks for dropping by :))

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old pattern Books

jug cover..
The biggest mistake I made today was, looking at a few old crochet books. 4 hours later, I have completed the bottom shelf. All in order. :)) Until I decide I need or want to look again and it will start all over again... The most annoying part of this mornings project is.. I haven't crocheted a stitch, it's maddening, I am having withdrawal symptoms.. I will be crocheting another collar as my sister was quite taken with the 2 that I had made for her.

My  friend phoned this morning to say our Sugar and Cream cotton from Spin blessings had arrived and I can't wait to start a project with that,
just what I am not sure but it is wonderful cotton to use.
The sun is out at the moment, and the music is playing in the background and I am off to crochet. Thanks to all who take the time to read my blog and leave a message..
Have a wonderful Thursday.. :))

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Latest lap rug.

Here it is at last, the latest lap rug for my Grand daughter.. I was reading a blog from Dorothy at Hooks'n'Grannies how good it feels to complete a project. It feels wonderful :)) Now to continue with the next, what it will be I am not sure .. I would like to crochet another rug but it will have to be an easy quick ...  I have made a couple more Orchids, and more face washers for Christmas, but I need something to put my teeth into ... There is a box of hexagons I could join ,  a table runner to complete,  baby shawl, jackets..........so it goes on..

corner st rug
The multicoloured travel rug was made when Hubby and I started out on our trip of a life time.. Around Aus... I get goose bumps thinking about it.. Who would have thought the car battery would be flat and had to be towed off the ferry in Melbourne with the caravan in tow.. So embarrassing............................The trip is one that will stay with us forever..... So many wonderful people and friends were made, and so was this rug.. I started it in Melbourne with the grey and pink for the Parrots, along  the Murray River,Opal fields of Coober Pedy... and on to Uluru (Ayers Rock). I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the rock... Magic.. So many stories to tell, and share.. but for now that's it. Have a great Wednesday :))

Travel rug..of many colours.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cymbidium completed

small lemon Orchid

3 completed Orchids
Here it is.. :)) A few changes were made to my pattern, but I am pleased with the outcome.I can't believe how lovely it looks on my coat. It is made in DMC #8 cotton perle.

It looks like there will be a few more made as my sister has ordered a few for gifts..:)) I have started a varigated yellow Orchid, not sure as yet if I will draft a pattern for it or just wing it.. There are so many beautiful flowers out there to design into crochet.. What I love about crochet is.... it doesn't take long to make what ever it is you have in mind...  I remember my Mum crocheting edges for linen hankies, and rugs etc..  She was a wonderful teacher, I owe my gift to her..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cymbidium in progress

just a couple of pics of the crochet Orchid in progress.. I will post a pic of the finished flower in the morning when the light is brighter....It was a lovely day,sun shining, and the garden just begging to be looked at :)) The daffodils are poking their heads out of the cold ground and some have even flowered. They are so sunny in their own right,bright and happy, and a pleasure to grow..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cattleya crochet

Cattleya made in #10 cotton.
Good Morning........ What a lovely wet day again, so much crocheting to be done on days just like this :)) I finished the smaller Orchid this morning and thought it would be a good idea to post a pic of the actual flower.. The book is called "Orchids for Everyone"( Treasure press) .
Today I thought I would make a Cymbidium,  A little easier than the Cattleya... we will see what happens there.
The need is to do something different. Should I finish off a ufo? Start another project, continue with my beadknitting,? Choices , choices...
Maria's squares and gift.
In yesterdays mail I received a parcel from the USA. It was a crocheted square from Maria . I belong to a crochet group that exchanges 7"squares..  We have members from all over Aus and USA. A great place to swap ideas and find lots of inspiration, .

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crochet Orchid completed.

White Orchid in flower today.
Thanks to Tina my Orchid is amazing, I have about 12 other plants in different colours that will light up my life this coming season..
To celebrate the flower here is my crocheted orchid I think it is a Cattleya....Not to bad for a trial run.. I made it using Bendigo 4ply cotton, but thinking seriously of creating a Cymbidium in #10 cotton. 

It was another lovely day spent with my friend, crocheting , lunching, and working out patterns... It rained most of the day which made for a pleasant day.

Orchids and crochet Orchid..

Hello everyone, what a wet day it is here in my town..... But what a great day for crocheting.. Wednesdays my friend and I get together, and ,, you got it,,, we talk crochet, and sometimes actually start a project or finish one....
Today we are crocheting an Orchid the pattern is from allfreecrochet.com..
I am thrilled at the moment because I have an Orchid out in flower, and they just perform so beautifully. My last lot of flowers lasted for over 3months. Now that is what I call, just about perfect..I owe this all to my friend who has given me over 48 plants.. And it looks like I will reap the rewards..

Thankyou to all who have come to browse my blog, leave me a comment so I can get back to you... Have a great day :))
Check out my other blog Beadknit and crochet.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

13 down 13 to go

face washers
sachets and soap holders
After talking to my friend on the phone this morning, I decided to take a pic of the washers i have made for Christmas gifts.. Tina said she had made another and that encouraged me to get on with the crochet in hand.. Washes and scrubbers are great fun to make. I have made mine with Paton's 4ply and Bendigo 8ply. Using a 3mm hook and 4mm .... The stitches I have used vary from tr to dc(aus) and love to finish with reversed dc...
I hope you drop in and leave a comment I would love to know you have been and seen :))

Friday, August 6, 2010

Squares and Yarn.

What to do with my synthentic yarn .......Well I don't like the yarn I bought from a large store in town, it is labeled 8ply but it certainly doesn't work up to the right gauge. So I decided to make squares in what I call Honeycomb.. On the net it is called "Star  Shell". The colours are pretty and I have a box of it... I crocheted the squares using the complete ball, it is a pattern I enjoy making. My friend asked me if it would be possible to make it in straight rows instead of the square..It certainly is and I knew I had a pattern of it some where. Sure enough I found it ,way back in 2004 (I started making Christmas gifts in this pattern and completed them).LOl.....Project Linus .I like this side of the pattern and not what I call the back,( which is the pattern).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Craft Day ..

The day always seems to go fast when we enjoy ourselves, and to day was just that.... It was craft day with my friend. We always manage to make something.. today was no different.. My friend had made a washer and soap holder in very soft cotton her own pattern, and (I copied with her permission of course)here is a pic of mine.. The soap holder is made in the circle, and makes for a different little bag..
The lovely pink and white 7" square was sent to me from Kathy in N.S.W, in an exchange that we have in Australiacrochet.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cold but sunny Morning..

What a lovely Morning it is (so far).. the sun in pouring is through the windows and how grateful I am... It is still cold outside and snow for the highlands during the week.. Well i know we must expect it, after all it is winter........ :)) I know I should be out in the garden, there are roses to be seen to, the old daisies need cutting back, and the grass could do with a mow also, but i have crocheting to do.............
Last night I made another washer, this time for one of the boys, I thought in terms of darker colours and a highlight. Into my box of cottons I looked, and came across Moss green and Oatmeal colours from  Bendigo Woollen Mills. Because it was in a hank, I took out my trusty winder and reel and set to work, and this is what I came up with. I can't say I am at all happy with it, the shape is all wrong.I used a 4:50mm hook with 8ply cotton and normaly my tension requires a 4mm hook. Back to the drawing board , and an afternoon of crochet. Now that makes my heart sing....... :))

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crochet Collars

A couple of pics of the crochet collars I made for my sister, the close up on the left shows beads I added. I used 4ply cotton and a 3mm hook. The cotton came from Bendigo woollen mills..you can find  link here
 I am deciding on whether to make another, and if I do what colour, Life would be so easy if that is all it took to solve its problems :))
 I wonder if there is a world crochet day???

Sun after the rain.

The sun is out today , family have visited, and how the grandchildren have grown. :))
 It is always lovely to see and hear them at play...

I couldn't make up my mind as to what the next project would be, and a friend of mine told me about a Crochet Hook Case . Of course I had to make it. You  can find the free pattern here..I love the stitch Priscilla has used on the outside of the Case,it is very effective, I finished the edging with crab st, (reverse dc aust).As yet I am to make a "frog"  ..
I have also finished 2 collars, and decided I would have to make my own pattern.I will add a pic of them next.. The collars are for a t-shirt..