Saturday, August 28, 2010

Threads of Friendship Craft day out . :))

Craft day out..
After a fabulous day out with about 150 other like minded ladies, I am totally rung out, in the nicest possible way.. My friend Tina and I had a ball, talking and learning about other craft, and the FOOD, (i love food) ..
The day started at 9am where we found a table and unpacked our crochet , and took a look around the craft stalls and book swap. Before we knew it , it was morning tea, with some delicious slices, sandwiches, and a cup cake... back to the craft and the classes on how to make hearts on a string, lunch time, I'm loving this.. Soup and sandwiches cake biccies, and fruit.. Spoilt :)) Don't forget that all important cuppa tea..
I found a table where beads were being made into doilies and fabulous Jewelry.. Others were knitting, embroidering beautiful table cloths, quilting, on so on.. And now after all that I am ready for the dinner my wonderful hubby has made for me:))

  Hope you have had a super Saturday, thanks for dropping by, don't forget to leave me a message, I do like to know if you enjoyed my blog..
 I didn't tell you all that this was held in that beautiful town of Longford, on a beautiful sunny day... Snow on all the mountains, and we were as warm as toast :))


Maria said...

Oooohhh!!!! sounds like so much fun.

Faith said...

I would love a day out like this one, and a good friend to go with would be nice. Sounds like alot of fun. I have to go make breakfast for my boys..I'll be back and visit with you. I like your blog, and thank you for coming to my place.I'll be back in a little some growing boys hungry tummies to feed..:)

Marlene said...

Good morning, Pattas! Just stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

I dabble in crochet but nothing like you! Maybe if I hang out in your blog enough, some of your natural talent will rub off on me? ;-)