Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Winners Are :))

Names in a basket :))
Hubbie drawing the winners :))
congratulations winners.. All I need you to do for me is to e-mail me your postal addy and I will send out your gift...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Craft Fair..

We arrived this morning with hundreds of crafters expecting only the best of craft and we were not disappointed..
Tina and Pat enjoying a break..
After a few hours of ooh aah and wanting to buy a quilting  Machine , it was time for a cuppa, we were bushed.. LOL
Prudence and Pat :))
But... we came to life when Prudence Mapstone and her hubbie came into view.. we made a bee line for the stall .. Prudence is such a lovely lady and so helpful ..
Tina and Prudence sharing a light hearted moment :))
I did buy some beautiful yarn ,Maiku ,Alchemy..
The colour is stunning
soft and gorgeous..
a couple of small bears for my beadknitting :))
 The excitement is building now with Kate and Wills wedding, time to chill the shampers.. Cheers :))
thankyou for stopping  by :))

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's gift from Judy..

Hello everyone,
Today I received a lovely book in the mail from Judy..
I totally forgot all about it so you can imagine the fun I have had reading and dreaming of making yet another quilt :)) It has come at the right time too..
Tomorrow the Quilt show is on in Lonnie for 3 days, and you guessed it I will be there with D.S.I.  and my friend Tina...
So just to thank Judy once again and who knows I may even see you at the show... I will be the one wearing an Orchid :)) LOL..
Hope you are having a blessed day :))

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ta Dah!!!!!!! #1

Finished at last..  :))
Pattern particulars..
I used Panda baby Opal dk.. varigated.
#4mm crochet hook.
Pattern Here at Angel crafts

I was naughty today LOl , I bought a roll of sock yarn made in Germany,, Man I haven't spent that much money on a 100grams of yarn EVER..........................
It had better be good, no it had better be darn great LOL
I have been yapping about making socks for an age now, and it is about time I put yarn to needle or is that yarn to  hook :))
Thats all for now, have a Blessed and  peaceful   Easter..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soap Nuts..

No I haven't gone nutty, LOL..I will forgive you if you think I have.. :))
A friend told me about this marvellous site on the pc a product (for the want of a better word) to save money and give your clothes a great wash.......
Had to try it ...It works.. :))

 Making the liquid soap..

After using 500 mls of water and about 15 shells , this is what it made.. The nuts can be used in cold water also..

I am pleased with the outcome of these nuts , which by the way can be put into the compost after use. :)) the water can be used on the garden, which is an added bonus in the summer months :))
I don't have any connections with ppl at, just passing on infomation I found useful.......................
Have a great week end what ever you may doing :))
A smile goes for miles :))

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who would believe.. Pics of gift..

Who would believe that when I started my blog I would have so many lovely followers. A whole 70 of you LOL :))
Thankyou all for all your wonderful comments and such inspiring blogs to read ..
So here is what I am going to do......................
One lucky follower will receive  crochet shopping bag as my gift to you.........
You have until the end of April  to be in it and you must be a follower.. Does not matter where in the world you live..   Hubbie will draw the winner......
So what are you waiting for ???? get those fingers a tappen.. :))

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Other blogs.

Do you find other blogs inspiring??  Great ideas?? and then find yourself starting yet another project ?? I would like to say that is what I have been doing this week.. But I have not... :((
It hasn't been for the want of trying, it was a time factor..
This afternoon my friend came to visit and we had a show and tell.. all I had to show was this.

After sharing my pattern for my moss st washer I decided to add a flower and a 3ch loop around to complete.
Lets hope this week will bring a number of crochet items that I will be able to show you..
Remember a smile goes for miles.. See you at your blog. :))

Friday, April 1, 2011

Catherines gift..
I was so thrilled to receive another email letting me know Catherine had received her 60th follower gift.
The pattern used in this washer goes like this....
I used :))
8ply Bendigo cotton 4mm hook,
Australian terms.
ch 42 , dc into 2nd ch from hook..
2 rows of dc..
1row of trs..
2ch , v st (1tr1ch1tr)miss 1 tr vst, continue to end row.turn 2ch ,dc into every st, this will be on the alt rows.
2ch miss 1 dc, vst, miss 1dc, vst, continue in this pattern every alterative row..
finish washer with 2 rows of dc.. finish off and using colour of your choice crabst/reverse dc. around to complete.. 
13 vst rows 12 dc rows..
If you make this item let me know  :))...

Bendigo Cotton..