Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas crochet and felt flowers

 So it is only a matter of a few weeks............. till Christmas.....
Are you ready??? or are you like me still a little behind in gift making??
I love home made :))  and I love giving to my family and friends the items I have chosen to make for them...

Little stocking for a gift tag..
 I used a 1.65 crochet hook for this cotton DMC made in France.. I have had this for some years now and only use it for Christmas crochet. I actually bought a box of six from a garage sale... Lucky?? I would say so :))

They are small and easy to make..from this book.
The crochet cotton for the fan is Sullivans Royal Rayon 3 ply ..

Basket of flowers.
The basket of flowers was crocheted using Anchor Perle cotton 8

 Felted flowers these can be made into a brooch...

You will need a glue gun for these, and can be made in no time.. Love them..
I found so many felted flowers on YouTube.. what a great place for learning crafts..

 Whether you crochet Knit or sew this is a valuable page to share.  Bevs page .

The garden is in full swing now with most of the summer range of vegie plants in... The garlic has been harvested and will be ready  for preserving in a few days.. The raspberries, Blueberries and strawberries have been netted to keep the birds away.. looking forward to a bountiful harvest..:))
 has another great recipe for a summer drink plus her blog is full of useful
info check it out , you wont be disappointed

Let me know what you are making for Christmas all ideas welcome as are your comments :)) Enjoy the day ...........

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Have you ever crocheted Baby Rattles??? They are so much fun and finished in half an hour...  You will need a 3.50 crochet hook 8ply cotton (I used Patons and Bendigo cotton).. a toy cat rattle from the pet shop, these are in a plastic ball so the bell is safe ..A little toy stuffing for the handle.. To easy :))

This adorable little dog is coming to spend Christmas with us.. Ilove him.He is so cute and funny.. Of course I will hate it when he goes home to the mainland.. But will spoil him and enjoy his company while he is here.

His name is Killer LOL...

This robot hat is so cute :))

Its back to crafting corner for me...I need to make flowers today..:))