Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy hearts......

Selection of crazy hearts...........
crochet butterfly.
Holly Hocks..
french knot.
Favourite heart of Australia colours and plants.
Butterflies and crochet flowers
Learning how to create crazy patchwork and in particular these hearts is a lot of fun. I have so much to learn, the stitches that are used seem to be endless. The embellishments that can be added are left to the creator, but I just love using beads...
I have a fabulous CD I bought in Townsville when the craft fair came to town.  Ruth Bloomfield is the Tutor and she makes it look so easy.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy patchwork hearts

 First crazy patchwork heart quilt..

Heart with crochet lady.

new stitches and material.

another crochet lady

The Spider .

adding other embellishments
I joined a group of ladies on the net a couple of years ago who came together to create and share their love of crazy patchwork.. It turned out to be a blessing for me, as I was looking for another direction in my journey of craft experiences.........I was never one to jump into a new fad, it always has taken it's time to create a sense of urgency in me.

 I was taught many different skills from my Mother who was so patient and loving in her teaching of different arts she had learnt in her life time...
From millinery, dressmaking, crochet ,knitting,and fancy work(embroidery).. The strongest of these of course is crochet.....But every now and again, I like to revert back to sewing...
So I thought I would share with you a few pics of the first quilt and later I will add more of the hearts and blocks I have created with a little help from my  Christina.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Collage of Orchids..

Launceston Orchid Society Show.

This weekend has been a busy one for our friends, the annual showing of Orchids. Although I dabble in the growing of a few our friends have hundreds.. I always think they are so delicate looking, as if they have been hand painted and the perfume so delicate. The colours are just amazing. I know there are areas in the world where these precious flowers are everywhere. Not in Tas, but they are grown in hot houses and the like. Of course we do have our own native plants.. but I will leave that to the experts.

Christina has won many 1st prizes and this time was no exception, her flowers are just beautiful. Well done to the Orchid Society for another great year of blooms and colour..
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Its to quiet...

Fingal Valley
Old Fingal Lock up..
It is so quiet today, my family member has returned home after spending 7  days with us. There was a lot to talk about, and his skills with the computer came in handy :)) Hubbie and I did so enjoy having Him here...
Looking down the valley from Gray.
Everyday we , visited different parts of Tasmania and this day we were heading to the East Coast. It is so beautiful in the Spring, with the daffodils and other blossoms out , calling for our attention.The little lambs playing in the paddocks and the grass so green.. To soon it will turn brown and summer will be here and the beach will once again be calling to us.

CAL reversible rug

 I did manage to crochet around the CAL we are crocheting on Australiacrochet. It is the reversible Hungarian rug. I love this stitch, to me the shape is like a diamond when completed. I am hoping MDD has found me the yarn I need to complete the baby shawl
that I am part way through..

Here is a quick soup recipe for you to try if you have a cauli or two ... cut cauli into small pieces and add a chopped onion, and a teaspoon of chicken stock 2 cups of water.
Cook until tender, when cooled, add 250grams of Philadelphia cream cheese extra light. cut into small pieces and put through a blender.. reheat gently . bacon cubes can be added if you like... enjoy. :))
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

collage of the quilts

Collage of the quilts waiting to be machine quilted..:))

What to do when I can't crochet ..

What to do , what to do... Maybe the first thing should be how to use this blog LOL I find it a little crazy at times..
Holly Hocks.There is a funny story with this flower.. It actually reads Hollyhooks. When I discovered this, I wasn't at all pleased and looked everywhere for  a spider button.. I wasn't about to undo the mistake,, I found it at the craft fair in Townsville..Which is where i started another quilt.. materials bought from the fair.
Baby rug.....once again another pattern to finish. I pulled the other rug out and started again.
Beadknitting , doll and stand.
Maybe the quilt I started a couple of years ago could be the go.. I have been procrastinating all day. You know how it is, you go from room to room, can't quite make up the mind.. I am in this predicament because I have RSI, and the crocheting is screaming at me to be completed.
But I have managed to do a little beadknitting :)) I find I lose myself in the process of beading, to busy counting beads to worry about other things that don't really matter.

DH has been cooking today and made a couple of marinades, curry paste, and  a Morrocan dish for tonights dinner. So who's the lucky girl eh?    
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crocheted Cot Blanket

  • Kieren's baby items..
I have been working on a new baby cot blanket. Its the picture in the top left.. 
These crochet items were made for Kieren, he will be 2 in Oct.. He is in the UK with his mum and dad and Grandma at the moment and will return later this month..I digress....
I have been crocheting a granny square in 8ply, ran out of yarn, so this morning , I pulled it out and have started on the pattern as above.. 
The little booklet i bought from the second hand shop has some lovely patterns in it.. The blue broomstick pattern is one I think could be next.. if I can remember how to do it :))

Youngest son arrived on Friday afternoon from the mainland, hubbie and I love seeing the family and he wanted to be with his DAD for his birthday...
He gave DAD a new camera,( of course I will be using it too) I am looking forward to some good weather, to be able to take pics of the bumble bees we  have in Tas.they are  much larger than our native bees...  I tried to take  pics of a couple of ants that seem to like my pc.. (they came in with the Orchids). but I haven't quite got the hang of it just yet.  LOL.. Hope your having a great day :)) and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

S.O.S for yarn..

Ever started a project thinking you had sufficient Yarn to finish?  Well that was me,,, only to discover how wrong I am.
So .. with friend in tow we headed off to Spotlight........             They were having a sale, all the better I thought, maybe the yarn will be a true bargain....... Wrong again.    None to be found . Zip zilch Zero...... Yarn Bee baby snow 8ply........ Why I ask, there is so much wool , cotton, and synthenic yarn,  and not one ball to be found, all I need is a ball or two. Would you believe me if I tell you after looking at all the lovely yarn, and over to the material section, we walked out empty handed......... We both looked at each other and laughed, who would believe us, we never come home empty handed .. So I am asking all you who read this blog, please if you have a spotlight in your area, please could I ask you when next you visit, please could you check out the yarn section, you just may find my yarn........

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wet ole Day..

It is a wet day today, not that I am complaining about the rain, we need it. :)) After a super day on Thursday I thought summer was pushing its way home... 

The tree ferns look happy today, and growing to large to stay where they were first

Sisters T-shirt collar.
I finished the collar my sister asked me to make for her T-shirt, I used #20 cotton

A very easy and quick pattern, made in a strip. My pet hate is having to crochet
chains by the mile LOL before actually starting the pattern..
close up of crochet and beads.
Here is the pattern for you:
3 ch into first ch work 
1tr, 1ch, 2 tr,2ch turn.
2tr, 1 ch, 2tr, 8ch slst into 6th ch from hook
7ch sl into base of st ch, 5 ch, slst into base of ch.
2ch,2tr 2ch, 2tr..
continue in this manner for as long as required.
I crochet a bead in the 7ch loop..just to make it mine. :))

To all our friends and family in New Zealand, We pray you are safe..
Thankyou for stopping to read my blog.
have a wonderful blessed day :))

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Out with KMart yarn.:(

Wool eater in progress..
Back to the wool shop today to buy more of the yarn dazzle. Although a cheap yarn

It crochets up soft, unlike the yarn I purchased from Kmart.. so dissapointing.
But I must not complain , I can now get on with CAL and not be last to 
finish.. :))

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Wattle Day Australia

Wattle outside my gate :))
Thanks to Aussie Maria I was made aware that today is Wattle Day.
Happy Wattle Day. :))
 What a fabulous day it has been. Wednesdays are my craft Day with Tina.
I did manage to crochet
a row of my wool eater rug..
We were to busy laughing, singing , eating, and somewhere we managed to crochet.

square from gift rug .
It is always fun sorting through a yarn stash, and today I found 1 lonly slipper she had
crocheted at some stage. Of course I love to tease her.