Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Wattle Day Australia

Wattle outside my gate :))
Thanks to Aussie Maria I was made aware that today is Wattle Day.
Happy Wattle Day. :))
 What a fabulous day it has been. Wednesdays are my craft Day with Tina.
I did manage to crochet
a row of my wool eater rug..
We were to busy laughing, singing , eating, and somewhere we managed to crochet.

square from gift rug .
It is always fun sorting through a yarn stash, and today I found 1 lonly slipper she had
crocheted at some stage. Of course I love to tease her.


glor said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day. Isn't it grand to have someone to share a day like that. The square is magnificent, and the little slippers, so cute.

Teen2 said...

Thanks friend... Oh the shame!! one lonely slipper Lol... :))

glor said...

The square is beautiful, and how darling are these slipper. What a wonderful day you two had.

Maria said...

Sweet little slipper. Pity the media don't pick up some good news like "Wattle Day Centenary" ☺

pattas said...

thankyou and I agree Maria, there needs to be more positive attitudes in the media... Maybe we should do something about it! thanks also for drawing my attention to the day on your blog :))