Friday, September 24, 2010

Its to quiet...

Fingal Valley
Old Fingal Lock up..
It is so quiet today, my family member has returned home after spending 7  days with us. There was a lot to talk about, and his skills with the computer came in handy :)) Hubbie and I did so enjoy having Him here...
Looking down the valley from Gray.
Everyday we , visited different parts of Tasmania and this day we were heading to the East Coast. It is so beautiful in the Spring, with the daffodils and other blossoms out , calling for our attention.The little lambs playing in the paddocks and the grass so green.. To soon it will turn brown and summer will be here and the beach will once again be calling to us.

CAL reversible rug

 I did manage to crochet around the CAL we are crocheting on Australiacrochet. It is the reversible Hungarian rug. I love this stitch, to me the shape is like a diamond when completed. I am hoping MDD has found me the yarn I need to complete the baby shawl
that I am part way through..

Here is a quick soup recipe for you to try if you have a cauli or two ... cut cauli into small pieces and add a chopped onion, and a teaspoon of chicken stock 2 cups of water.
Cook until tender, when cooled, add 250grams of Philadelphia cream cheese extra light. cut into small pieces and put through a blender.. reheat gently . bacon cubes can be added if you like... enjoy. :))
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Clara said...

Thanks for the recipe. It does sound delicious.

Maria said...

Really like your CAL blanket, love the pattern. Wonderful photos of Tassie. And thanks for the recipe, looks quick and easy