Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ghost Rider Australia

Wooooooooooooooooo..." Ghost Rider Australia" has a new paranormal documentary series coming soon . .. I know what you are thinking , what has this to do with crochet?? Well nothing really, except, one of my Sons, Ben, is in the team........ You can read all about this new entertaining program here.. If you go into the team you can read about the cast....
 I also found this little ghost you may like to crochet .. :))

Friday, July 30, 2010

Doreen by C.J Dennis

My little wife Doreen, by C.J Dennis, this little book is a favourite in our family, it is sure to be read with a smile.. One can just imagine the happenings being played out in front of the writer...
The first line. "The little gipsy vi'lits, they wus peepin' thro' the green As she come walkin' in the grass, me little wife, Doreen".. C.J.Dennis.. (Sydney: Angus & Robinson ltd)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kiddies hats .

Today  was a celebration day for my friends partner..A birthday is so special when we start to go over that number LOl A tasty lunch at the Hotel Tasmania, and while there, a band was setting up and this was to be a Big evening... It was Grinspoon..... "Wow" I said" are they really.. what a shame they aren't playing now"." Who"? said my friend, " Grinspoon" I told him, but he didn't know who they were, Whew www I thought, thank goodness  I knew who they are.....LOL( theres life in this ole gal)  :))
While walking around town, I was thinking about what I would crochet tonight, I know the new babies will need a couple of warm hats, cotton was on my mind.... So  when we settled down with a good ole cuppa, I decided to look in my box of ready mades.. and there they are, 4 little hats and a beret...... Now all I have to do is find something to crochet tonight :))

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 purses

Here is another purse crocheted in White cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills , I started it late last night, and finished  this morning.. It needs a button and sewing down the sides.
It is such an easy pattern to make you can find it here.
When you make it post a message as would love to see your work.

Bendigo Woollen Mills

this is one of my favourite links i would like to share with you..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bead knitting and crochet: Pink Purse

Bead knitting and crochet: Pink Purse


This is one of my UFO's, I tell myself, winter will be over if I don't get a move on lol.. I bought the wool at Bendigo Woollen Mills, Its 5ply, and has crocheted up well..The pattern I am using is one of Paton's and I have crocheted 2 other jackets in 8ply from this book, which I am pleased with..
At the moment I am creating a collar for a t-shirt, I want it to stand up at the back of the neck,like a fold ... So it is back to the drawing board, and writing down the pattern.. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Skein Reel and Cotton in Hanks

DH bought this wonderful reel made in Tasmanian Blackwood. My sister and I and DH decided to visit the old town of Bothwell in the central southern highlands. It is where the "Spin In" is held , we were not disappointed. With the  Spinning wheels whirring and the "wool Knit off "  needles flying and lots of laughter, the day soon ended, but not before a cuppa, and look around the stalls.
After buying various hand spun wool and patterns, and you guessed it a spinning wheel to boot we made our way back home...

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I found this fabulous pattern on, and thought I would have to make it. It is quick and easy and I will be making more for gifts in different colours.. I think it would look great in a black/silver yarn.......
I made the purse in 2 strands of 4ply. It was a test to see if I like it or not, Now I will be using Bendigo cotton in 8ply..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Granny Squares in cotton and UFO'S

I was rummaging through my stash last night and came across a few ufo's ,they had been hidden for nearly 10years..( Oh for shame LOL) What to do with them is the next question.. 6 Squares won't make a rug, so it looks like another project is underway.. Just how many projects (ufo's) are there waiting to be finished?? well now, 1 crochet jacket needs sleeves, knitted jacket needs quilted fronts, 2 baby jackets,1 table runner,1 daffodil doily,(that would have to be the oldest) 2 afghans..
crochet collars, and so on............... of course, that is just the crochet side of things, I could go into the beadknitting  thats just begging me to finish..Like the bride doll, and the baby romper suit... But thats for another day :))

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fresh air..

It was foggy here this morning, but it didn't stop me from going for a walk to the shops.It was invigorating.
The day has turned out to be a beauty.
Will I be gardening or crafting??? Maybe a
a bit of both...
What I love about my community is, the people are so
friendly. Dogs of all sizes and breeds out with their owners
making the most of the day. :))

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharing another beautiful day ..

Tasmania is full of wonderful surprises, freezing cold, to a sunny day after the frost and fog has lifted :) The winter sun pours into the living room and away we go to our next pattern making or just chatting..
Today My friend and I are sharing our experiences of the net and crocheting patterns.
Sometimes we confuse American terms and Australian terms in our crochet so it always pays to read the pattern first..

A few pics of the latest face washers and soap holders.They are crocheted in 8ply cotton (Bendigo Woollen Mills Aus) and 4ply cottons (Patons) 4:00mm and 3:50 hooks.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hooks and Books ..: Free crochet face washer

Hooks and Books ..: Free crochet face washer: "Here is a very simple but effictive crochet pattern. I used Patons gem 100% cotton, 4ply cotton. and 3:50 mm hook. The terms here are Austr..."

Free crochet face washer

Here is a very simple but effictive crochet pattern.
I used Patons gem 100% cotton, 4ply cotton. and 3:50 mm hook.
The terms here are Australian..
Crab st( reverse dc)
ch 51,
Row 1..dc into all ch turn,
Row 1 dc into all st to end turn,
Row 3.. ch 1 1 dc into all st to end, turn.
continue in this manner until 54 rows,
or size you require

Row..1dc evenly around with 3dc in corners.
Row 2.. crab st around.
This makes a very neat edging.
Make a flower and sew in corner..:))

Welcome :))

Hello and welcome to my blog....... here you will find a free pattern from time to time,
if you try my pattern , send me a message, tell me if you like it or not...:))
I love to crochet, mum taught me at an early age to knit, crochet and sew, and milinary. and over the years I have made many garments for family and friends, and of recent times many baby clothes...:))
I will be sharing with you the items I have made. My niece suggested I keep a record of the crochet items I make . It is amazing how my little book is filling up...