Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free crochet face washer

Here is a very simple but effictive crochet pattern.
I used Patons gem 100% cotton, 4ply cotton. and 3:50 mm hook.
The terms here are Australian..
Crab st( reverse dc)
ch 51,
Row 1..dc into all ch turn,
Row 2..ch 1 dc into all st to end turn,
Row 3.. ch 1 1 dc into all st to end, turn.
continue in this manner until 54 rows,
or size you require

Row..1dc evenly around with 3dc in corners.
Row 2.. crab st around.
This makes a very neat edging.
Make a flower and sew in corner..:))

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Teen2 said...

Hi Pat,
Nice pattern, must have a go some time...:)