Thursday, December 26, 2013

Its the silly season again :))

Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year to you all..:))
Christmas Cheddar..

Bailys Cream, Christmas in a jar and gluten free Christmas cake .

gluten free Christmas pudd.

Shortbread ..

It was a busy Christmas day here in our home.. Family from the mainland plus our dear friends T & J.. and little GD R had her first Christmas... with GS who is 4 Fabulous day :))

Today .. Boxing Day... the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race has started so we are in for the day...

Enjoy the day :))

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas crochet and felt flowers

 So it is only a matter of a few weeks............. till Christmas.....
Are you ready??? or are you like me still a little behind in gift making??
I love home made :))  and I love giving to my family and friends the items I have chosen to make for them...

Little stocking for a gift tag..
 I used a 1.65 crochet hook for this cotton DMC made in France.. I have had this for some years now and only use it for Christmas crochet. I actually bought a box of six from a garage sale... Lucky?? I would say so :))

They are small and easy to make..from this book.
The crochet cotton for the fan is Sullivans Royal Rayon 3 ply ..

Basket of flowers.
The basket of flowers was crocheted using Anchor Perle cotton 8

 Felted flowers these can be made into a brooch...

You will need a glue gun for these, and can be made in no time.. Love them..
I found so many felted flowers on YouTube.. what a great place for learning crafts..

 Whether you crochet Knit or sew this is a valuable page to share.  Bevs page .

The garden is in full swing now with most of the summer range of vegie plants in... The garlic has been harvested and will be ready  for preserving in a few days.. The raspberries, Blueberries and strawberries have been netted to keep the birds away.. looking forward to a bountiful harvest..:))
 has another great recipe for a summer drink plus her blog is full of useful
info check it out , you wont be disappointed

Let me know what you are making for Christmas all ideas welcome as are your comments :)) Enjoy the day ...........

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Have you ever crocheted Baby Rattles??? They are so much fun and finished in half an hour...  You will need a 3.50 crochet hook 8ply cotton (I used Patons and Bendigo cotton).. a toy cat rattle from the pet shop, these are in a plastic ball so the bell is safe ..A little toy stuffing for the handle.. To easy :))

This adorable little dog is coming to spend Christmas with us.. Ilove him.He is so cute and funny.. Of course I will hate it when he goes home to the mainland.. But will spoil him and enjoy his company while he is here.

His name is Killer LOL...

This robot hat is so cute :))

Its back to crafting corner for me...I need to make flowers today..:))

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Great day for CRAFTING..

It is very windy here today with a little rain  .. I won't complain as I can use  this precious time to crocheting and sewing..:))

This little crochet cover ups, came from a free pattern on Ravelry .. It is called the Princess Diaper Cover .. Pattern by Elizabeth Alan "The Lovely Crow".. I used Patons Stone wash cotton and a 5.00 hook..

I teamed it up with this little summer Apron dress.. Cute don't you think..

Front of the summer apron dress,
The set of dress, hat and covers..

Another of the little summer collection I have made with matching sun hat.

And one more of the crocheted covers.. Crocheted using Bendigo Cotton 8ply and a 4.50 hook.. to fit a child 6-12months..

Summer dress patterns by Butterick 3846 printed out on the comp... Our local shops didn't have the pattern, so the next best thing... Google it lol...

Some where in my patterns I have a little crocheted dress...Looks like my next project coming up :))
Happy Crafting.... Pat :))

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thankyou so much to you all for your concern over why I have not been posting............. Alls well and I am back...

 Being a Great Grandmother is rather exciting.. A little Girl.. So that makes 5 baby girls this year ..:))

I found this cute little cat on the internet and had to make it :))

It is a wrist rest , so easy to make too..

Just Purrfect :))

crocheted rug completed.. Rather enjoyed making this one ..

Have I shown you this one?? Chook and pups.

Lots of hat in the making along with cute little dresses....

When I have completed the dresses I will post a pic.. Lets hope it will be soon :))lol..

Happy crafting ;)) hugs pat .....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Friday Night With Friends..

I had a lovely time in my craft room on Friday night , it was cold out side but ever so warm inside.. Ideal for crafting really :))

I  started cutting out the pieces to make the top during the week and completed it  on Friday night.. It will be a small quilt but, I think my little Grand daughter will love the colours.. Hugs and Kisses ..

During the week ....
A couple of 5"square packs I found at the  Mornington Lincraft store..
turned them into a small tumbler quilt..

A little purse I made for my sister to hold her mobile..

A couple of hearts to add onto a quilt or hanging..

A block of yummy chocolate shared with my hubby "The Chef"...

I have started another quilt, can't help my self.. I find it so exciting to find the fabric, the pattern.... But this time..... it was different... How or why it baffles me completely..  
A couple of years ago I was given a bag of the most fabulous material... Today the revelation of what to make with it came in a light bulb moment...
(I do have them occasionally,despite my age ) lol.

I have been cutting out the  pattern today , He looks really cute.. A little hint.. He/she came from Scotland....

Well I will show you next time...LOl........
I will be visiting the Friday nighters  this evening.. cheers till then..

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crochet/knit books ,Birthday gift.

 My crochet hook has been a little slow lately..but I have manged to make these lovely scarves .. I was visiting    Dorothy ,and  liked the pattern she had crocheted in One shade of Grey..

  Here to the pattern..

My sister H R, sent me this crochet/knit book , great for embellishments.

But that's not all this one was also in the mail..  :))

I bought this patch work book from the ABC shop in town.. A must have of Cath Kidston..

My dear friend Tina over  Here gave me this gorgeous material . Not sure what pattern I will choose, but I think the Irish Chain is looking a winner at the moment ..

I love this doll from Tilda I purchased the pattern over at esmes .. Esmes is a local store that I just LOVE to visit... always come out with something..

Quilt top I finished today ,Very easy to make just need to complete the rest of it then I can call it Quilt.............

Also finished this quilt.. 10minute block pattern from You Tube..

That's about it from here, a couple of small crochet projects on the way, plus as always more sewing..
Not sure where I will be with google tomorrow, but that will be another learning curve for me I need my son Phil here to work it out for me..

... How about you.. ??

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On and Off the Shelf..

No shaping crocheting jacket..Off the shoulder sleeve insert..

This is not a great pic sorry , taken at night in my craft room.

Carry case made from left over pin wheels..

Only a small mobile... Larger carry case  coming soon..

Inside view..


Red Brolly
On the shelf.. Mug

My well earned cuppa.. and gluten free cup cake :))
Well that is a little of what I have been crocheting and sewing.. There is another project I am tackling at the moment...If you would like to see what it is, just go to Dorothys and follow the link in the blog..

Have a great week and keep smiling, it will always come back to you :))

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Visiting Owl..

It isn't every day in suburbia that an Owl comes to visit, So I wanted to share this beautiful creature with you..

Hugs pat:))

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mug Bag by Red Brolly ............

After making a few patterns of mug bags, I have come up with the pattern I enjoy making.. If you go over to Red Brolly you will find the free pattern .. It is also a great site... I know I will be going back very soon  :))

I bought the material as a fat 1/4.

Didn't think I could do this, but what a surprise. The pattern is set out so well, so easy to follow.

The pattern has a pocket for Tea or coffee sachets plus sugar..
The back drop is the pin wheel quilt top I have been making..
 On the crochet scene is one jacket from UFO bag.. so when I have managed to crochet a few more rows I will post
                                                  a pic or two..

Happy Crafting :))