Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Great day for CRAFTING..

It is very windy here today with a little rain  .. I won't complain as I can use  this precious time to crocheting and sewing..:))

This little crochet cover ups, came from a free pattern on Ravelry .. It is called the Princess Diaper Cover .. Pattern by Elizabeth Alan "The Lovely Crow".. I used Patons Stone wash cotton and a 5.00 hook..

I teamed it up with this little summer Apron dress.. Cute don't you think..

Front of the summer apron dress,
The set of dress, hat and covers..

Another of the little summer collection I have made with matching sun hat.

And one more of the crocheted covers.. Crocheted using Bendigo Cotton 8ply and a 4.50 hook.. to fit a child 6-12months..

Summer dress patterns by Butterick 3846 printed out on the comp... Our local shops didn't have the pattern, so the next best thing... Google it lol...

Some where in my patterns I have a little crocheted dress...Looks like my next project coming up :))
Happy Crafting.... Pat :))

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thankyou so much to you all for your concern over why I have not been posting............. Alls well and I am back...

 Being a Great Grandmother is rather exciting.. A little Girl.. So that makes 5 baby girls this year ..:))

I found this cute little cat on the internet and had to make it :))

It is a wrist rest , so easy to make too..

Just Purrfect :))

crocheted rug completed.. Rather enjoyed making this one ..

Have I shown you this one?? Chook and pups.

Lots of hat in the making along with cute little dresses....

When I have completed the dresses I will post a pic.. Lets hope it will be soon :))lol..

Happy crafting ;)) hugs pat .....