Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Day ..

Merry Christmas Day.... The sun is shining here today , we are looking forward to a warm day :))
Enjoy your day :))..

Friday, December 14, 2012

Quilting and crochet :))

I am so thrilled to have completed the front of this quilt ..
This will be the 2nd quilt I have in this pattern, but with different colour edging.

Close up of one of the flowers ..

Embroidery on linen..

Pretty variegated cotton..

Found this little gem at the op shop.. 1 crochet outfit and 2 knitted..

The beginnings of a new baby shawl crocheted in Patons Big Baby 4 ply.. using a 5mm hook.

Started another jacket in synthetic yarn I found in the bottom of the box..
This is an easy pattern to crochet no thinking in this process...  but looks great ..

I just have to share this with you .... My darling Sister ( who will be 84 in Jan 2013..) sent me this darling "Weeds for Sale.... Pick your own.." hanger for my gardening tools.. Such a sweety. and a great sense of humour to boot... Of course I look this slim , lol.... (not)...

 I am going to make it into a quilt... :))

Just before I go, I am having trouble with blogger... no followers today..:((
and I can only read the blogs I follow if I go through YouTube... Never mind you know I am here....
Not long now till Christmas, not sure if I will get back to blog again .. So to all of you lovely followers... Merry Christmas.... :))  hope all your pressies are crafting one :))

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little crochet is good :))

A few pics of the baby crochet I have been working on over the past few months..
A pattern I love to make, Surprise Crochet..

Can't have to many bibs, Crocheted using Sugar and cream cotton.

The colour pink doesn;t show to well in this pic .

this is a knitting pattern I have been trying to master... I always seem to have one leg longer than the other... Any tips would be greatly receiced..

A little of the garden produce... Pickled Garlic... 

Have a great week everyone...:))

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flat out like a lizard drinking :))

Taking a breather today..
 Our house hold has been so busy the last few months, not a lot of crocheting was done.. Instead I have been sewing a quilt for my youngest son and his new wife... Married last week in the beautiful St Kilda Rose Gardens..

I used a Jelly Roll strips for the quilt. making them  into a square.
I found the pattern on Youtube...

Quilt after being professionally quilted. Now to trim and complete the quilt.

Pic of the pattern I chose for the quilting, Keeping in with the flowers on the material ,I thought Butterflies looked pretty good :)).

The completed Quilt :)) I enjoyed this project very much..
If you would like to make a simular quilt you can find the instructions here..missouri Quilt Co.  I love this site. so helpful so many tutorials..:))

Well there is still so much to do ... The vegie Garden is in full swing, broad beans have been harvested and in the freezer along with the peas, Chef made Cauliflower pickle... and the garlic is air drying... now I am off out to spray a little water on the plants..
Bye for now :)) and thanks for stopping by :))