Friday, December 14, 2012

Quilting and crochet :))

I am so thrilled to have completed the front of this quilt ..
This will be the 2nd quilt I have in this pattern, but with different colour edging.

Close up of one of the flowers ..

Embroidery on linen..

Pretty variegated cotton..

Found this little gem at the op shop.. 1 crochet outfit and 2 knitted..

The beginnings of a new baby shawl crocheted in Patons Big Baby 4 ply.. using a 5mm hook.

Started another jacket in synthetic yarn I found in the bottom of the box..
This is an easy pattern to crochet no thinking in this process...  but looks great ..

I just have to share this with you .... My darling Sister ( who will be 84 in Jan 2013..) sent me this darling "Weeds for Sale.... Pick your own.." hanger for my gardening tools.. Such a sweety. and a great sense of humour to boot... Of course I look this slim , lol.... (not)...

 I am going to make it into a quilt... :))

Just before I go, I am having trouble with blogger... no followers today..:((
and I can only read the blogs I follow if I go through YouTube... Never mind you know I am here....
Not long now till Christmas, not sure if I will get back to blog again .. So to all of you lovely followers... Merry Christmas.... :))  hope all your pressies are crafting one :))


Anonymous said...

lovely new quilt lots of time spent on this one keep up the good work keen follower merry christmas to you and your family.

Tanya Murray said...

The quilt is stunning and I can only imagine the hours that are in it. I love the combination of embroidery with patchwork. The colours too are so beautiful. Congratulations Pat.

Anita said...

Lots of hard work gone into making that quilt and it's gorgeous!! Love your crochet book, the Patons patterns are easy to follow.
Cheers, Anita.

Leanne said...

Hello Pat, your quilt and your knitting projects are just gorgeous. well done.

Faith said...

Happy New Year my friend..looking forward to seeing the bounty of your summer garden. It's sunny today about 20 degrees...but the snow is glistening and it's pretty, pretty cold those little sweathers so precious and light and soft.