Thursday, December 22, 2011

My sheep..

Sitting on my TV Cabinet, Looking ever so cute are my sheep .. The pattern is by Marie Segares, and can be found Here at Undergroundcrafter..
While shepherds watched ..
My grandchildren love them so do a few adults.. They are cute :))
In progress no ears.
Side view..
Fat and cute.. complete with ears.
Well there are many more just calling out to be made,
they are fun and easy, although I did not add the Pop st in the last 2 i crocheted.. I did find that I couldn't watch tellie and make the pattern at the same time.

Now just to let you see what the chef has been up to here is one of his many projects..
Blackcurrant cordial..
With all the small fruits coming on, I know I will be spoilt with beautiful summer drinks and ever so yummy cheeses.
                              Happy Christmas...
"While Shepherds watched their flocks by night all seated on the ground.
The Angel of the Lord came down and Glory shone around.
Fear not said He for mighty dread had seized their trouble mind.
Glad Tidings of great Joy I bring to you and all mankind.."
by William Sandy's in 1833 (version 2.. )

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scrubbie n slippers n sheep .

Yesterday my friend and I had a Christmas craft day get together at my place. She showed me how to make a scrubbie.
crochet in Sugar 'n Cream cotton. #4mm hook.
The Pattern is easy to follow and crochets up in no time.. Thanks Tina.  
Slippers crochet in 8ply cotton.Using a #4 mm hook.

More crocheted string bags.4ply cotton 3mm hook 
And of course the promised sheep..8ply yarn 4mm hook
well nearly a sheep :))

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We are going to have to buy a small fridge for the chefs Cheeses :)  the Chef is making cheese like it is going out of fashion.. But I have to tell you it is so tastey I have to check friends and family bags before they leave the house LOL.
If it isn't headed over the water to the Mainland it is being comsumed by a once a week cheese tastings..

l/ brickCheddar,m,camembert, carraway cheddar ,brie.  
I have had my senior sisters staying a while, with much laughter and a few trips around Tas.
Callington Flour mill Oatlands.
Great cuppa and a couple of bags of flour we head off to Richmond.. A place I had not visited for many years.
 Miniture town of old Hobart , (Hobarton).
On the crochet front..., well I am pleased to say I have made all the string bags :)) What I am making next will be a few sheep.. Yes I did say sheep...:))
More on that next time I stop by your place..
Have fun, and remember a smile goes for miles.. Cheers........