Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jany received gift

Jany's gift 60th follower..
I want to let you know that I received your gift...
A message from Jany letting me know her gift arrived safely..
The pattern I use went like this..
Australian Terms used..
4ply cotton,
3:00 or 3:50 hook.
ch 42
dc into 2ch from hook, dc into remaining ch,
1ch, dc into next 1 rows 2ch turn,
1dc in second st 1tr into next, (1dc into next st, 1tr into next st) repeat to end, ending with a dc, 2ch turn.
1tr into next dc repeat across row..

I make a row of crab st/reverse dc around the edge..
Hope you have fun making this pattern :)

Remember a smile travels for miles :))

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheese making..

Monterey Jack cheese ..
Here it is at last, after reading a post over at Killiecrankie Farm
About cheese making, Hubby, just had to get back into making it once again.
DH is always making something for me to try :))
So far he has made.. Fromage Blanc, Neufchatel, and today Monterey Jack..
It seems to me we will need a larger kitchen  LOL..

I have been knitting, yes you read correctly I did say knitting
I am helping out a group of ladies from "Odd Socks" who make items for different charities, here in Northern Tasmania..
The fish  will be sewn into blankets for St Giles Children.. Cute aren't they..
I have to admit they need to be improved on before I send them on..
Hope your day has been a crafty one and remember a smile goes for miles..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One down 3 to go :))

Eve's baby shawl, completed.. My DSI, asked me to make this for a neighbour who is expecting her first child.. I was rather chuffed to be asked,   and pretty pleased with the end result..
It isn't a large shawl by my standards only 34x42.
The pattern comes from a book Heirloom baby blankets by Lucille laFlamme...

Wips for Wednesday ..

I couldn't help myself, I had to start yet another project from the book named "Elegance" so pretty in Red heart licac. .. I am using patons BigBaby 4ply, and a 5mm hook..
When I saw Debi's from Hooks and Yarns  I knew I had to make a start to complete this one :))
The rains are here and the garden is smiling for now.. So from me in Tasmania keep smiling and see you at your blog :))

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Long week end :))

The view from my door at the block, where we spent our long weekend... It is a lovely property , ever changing weather, and sometimes unwanted visitors with 8 legs...
I'm not showing what it looks like , but they are called Huntsman, big fury creatures that give me the creeps. LOL.. They love to appear above my bed of an evening just when I am about to turn off the light....
DH says "they wont hurt you " yeah right!.. Well no sleep till they have gone LOL...
Sorry but i had to show you ..
You can see more info Here
So far No Snakes ....
 On a brighter note I did manage to crochet a few rows of Eve's baby shawl..
in pretty green Peter Pan, Wendy Yarn..
Of coarse I also crocheted the coaster.. they have taken over.. coasters everywhere :))
As for the patterns of the unusual ones I will post them at the next available time space :))
I hope your day is crafty and leave me a message ,you know I love to receive them .. Blessings :))

Monday, March 7, 2011


I had to smile this morning, a knock came to the front door and it was my young neighbour bringing my mail that was delivered to him ..( Oh Australia Post it had the correct mailing address)
I was in the middle of house cleaning and had on old crochet slippers,( nothing matched) just one of those mornings I could have used a fairy wand.LOL..But you have to smile or go under. :))
I have so enjoyed making these coasters for our exchange we have on Australiacrochet..  I  thought I had made my own pattern, but you know" there is nothing new under the sun"
Each morning I would make a couple more :))

Its my sisters 70th Birthday today , Happy Birthday Heather :))
I can now show you what I have sent her.
Also my DD Jane Happy Birthday Darling :))
Thats it from me Keep Smiling and happy crafting :))