Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheese making..

Monterey Jack cheese ..
Here it is at last, after reading a post over at Killiecrankie Farm
About cheese making, Hubby, just had to get back into making it once again.
DH is always making something for me to try :))
So far he has made.. Fromage Blanc, Neufchatel, and today Monterey Jack..
It seems to me we will need a larger kitchen  LOL..

I have been knitting, yes you read correctly I did say knitting
I am helping out a group of ladies from "Odd Socks" who make items for different charities, here in Northern Tasmania..
The fish  will be sewn into blankets for St Giles Children.. Cute aren't they..
I have to admit they need to be improved on before I send them on..
Hope your day has been a crafty one and remember a smile goes for miles..


Bill said...

your not wrong about the kitchen darl,just where to put these cheeses,
Hubby .

Maria said...

The cheese looks yummy, never had that type before. Funnily enough, I'm currently using up odd bits of yarn and making - yep fish!!!! - for the same charity btw

Killiecrankie Farm said...

i can offer my fridge for storage Bill !

that cheese looks great - will have to follow up with Pat about that recipe :)

I really am tempted to make something a bit more challenging then the mozarella - which is all gone and there are cries for more as pizza night approaches again!

Kerrie said...

I think these are darling!! I would love to make some!! hugs, Kerrie

jontina said...

Just let me know when the wine & cheese tasting day is please... Yummy.. :)