Thursday, December 18, 2014

Count down to Christmas.

You know it's Christmas, when friends from the country come into town to deliver this years Christmas Nativity Scene decorated cake... 

From my family to yours, Many Blessings this Christmas ..

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Welcome baby Ivy ..

At last Ivy has arrived... Grandchild # 10.. Always over the moon when the littlest of Angels make their time known to enter into the world....
Ben and his Ivy :))
This is what I have made for Ivy....

Crochet in a diamond pattern from lacey crochet

 I used Peter Pan Wendy Double Knit Yarn.
Pammy Sue posted a doily for us to follow last month I have completed mine and thought I would share a pic with you.. I loved making
Thanks to Pammy Sue of Scottys Place
Smaller version of the doily along with my beadknitting..

I will post a pic of the littlest Angel when I can.. In the mean time,, Happy Hooking :))

Sunday, November 9, 2014

On the Hook..

The hook has been moving, but not as fast as I would like :)) With a little Grandaughter due in the next week (?) I should be hooking frantically...
But I have been making 10"squares...
I love this pattern. It comes from Ravelry... I just made it into a 10"square.
   Here   is where you can find the pattern..


Not sure about this one.I will call it Wheel in a square...

Corner square.

And then you just have to try something different.. I think this is called Fisherman's ring...

                                        21 squares later.. with 4 from friends..

Something from the garden... It is so pretty this time of year.. when the heat hits, it will be all gone...

Hope you enjoyed just a few of the beautiful Iris in our garden this season.

Till next time happy crafting :))

Monday, September 29, 2014

Button crochet flowers.

An interesting way of using up those buttons.. especially when they look like this..Here  I have a box , a large box , some that were from my Mothers collection, some that I have collected on the way..
 crochet buttons along with my tools of trade :))
 Of course the larger the hole the easier it is to pull the cotton through.
I used 4ply and #10 cotton..
Had a lot of fun making these, they will brighten up many projects..

2o down 22 to go, then the smaller rounds that join it all together..

It can be a problem having WIPS in bags.. remembering what hook was used ..  I think it was Dorothy over at  Hooks n Grannies  who suggested to place a note of the hook size in the bag.
Great idea !
I seem to have lots of sticky notes around LOL...

Thats it.... Have a great week .. till next time :)) hugs pat ..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Toy bag or peg bag...

 The days here in the North of Tasmania have been stunning...So much going on in the garden and the back shed.. there was little time to crochet.. I can hear you say "wash your mouth out Pat "lol.. but that is the truth of the matter,.. So I thought I would share what all the drilling and hammering has been about... Keep in mind, I am some what of a chicken  when it comes to using machinery ...But I did get into the spirit of things and heres the proof..

Hubby with his hammer :))

Plant stand under the kitchen window..

Orchids are so beautiful and a couple here in flower..
Now for a little crochet..A bag that turned into basket ..

 to hold yarn ...
A toy bag for the back of the chair...
  could also be used for a peg bag... A grab bag...what ever you want it for really :))

A 10"square I have been making , the flower pattern is so pretty :))
The hook is busy making slippers, and little roses from over Here
Apple Blossom Dreams crochets in beautiful colours.. do check out her blog ... :))

This is one pic I shared some time back but love the pattern.
I am trying to use up those left over yarn...

thats it for now Hope you are having a crafty week..:))

Monday, August 25, 2014

Its baskets on the hook :))

I just had to make a basket after seeing it on a blog with handles.

The craft yarn was found begging to be taken home from the op shop. 
Then I saw this pattern on Here
Well how could I not try lol...The circles will look (hopefully) like this when completed Here

A couple of pics from the past but ever so beautiful :))

Spring is not far away now I just can't wait for summer, I get very excited at the prospect of going to the beach on the East Coast of Tas.. Days spent at the block, magic :))

Well thats it for now... Happy crafting :))

Sunday, August 10, 2014

We had a furry visitor this week, so soft and cuddly.. It stayed a couple of days and decided after tasting most of the vegies in the garden it was time to hop off..

Back on the crochet front..... Not a great deal happening here but I do love this pattern :))

 Free on Ravelry by Joyce Lewis..

I started making squares in 2013 I call the pattern Snow flakes using both squares, they should go well together in a rug.. 7"squares.. using 8ply Panda magnum..

Close up of the pattern .. Pretty neat really :))

Thats it for now catch you next time...:))

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bags and Beanies.

 It seems an age since I last wrote up my last blog post.. I have been busy with crocheting and cooking..

 The first bag is made out of craft yarn which is thicker than most of the yarns I prefer I ran out half way through .A quick phone call to my friend and....  Tina came to my rescue with extra yarn to complete the bag..:)) Thank heavens for friends..

Tina also came with a couple of bags of mixed yarn to use.. I need another life time lol...I added felt and crocheted flowers bought from our local shop at Longford..

8ply cotton bought at the op shop made this little bag. crocheted in the evening .. the flower pattern and butterfly came from the book ..75 birds, bees, butterflies and bugs to knit and crochet..

I was asked to make little Ruby a hat to keep her ears warm so I have made a couple for her to choose from ..

Owl hat for fun :))

Minnie Mouse looking cute :))

And a pair of mittens ...

 Lastly a face washer in the links pattern , soft to use..

I am in the process of making another bag... it seems to be an addiction at the moment... until something else comes along to take my fancy :))

Thanks for stopping by.. :))  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bags and purses..

You know you are hooked when there is one pattern that must be found either on the net or on the bookshelf... Well I Googled and visited so many blogs and Pinterest and was totally amazed at the number of bags that can be crocheted.... with or without a clasp, some with zips... today being a rest day for me, I decided to (big mistake) look through my patterns...
I remember as a teenager making an orange shoulder bag , I loved the bag and took it with me on those special occasions.. :))

this is the first coin purse I have made in 8ply synthetic yarn not very pretty at all......

Now this one is much better.. crocheted in pink 4ply cotton 3mm hook . (Bendigo cotton )

I like this bag started out an African flower but I wanted a square so this is my interpretation ....

The three bags I love to make at the moment,  the one in light pink is made in 4ply cotton the flower made differently into the square..

The layout for the bags... 13 squares this pattern..

The beginnings.. Links do I hear you say ??? Well this one will inspire you for sure  ..crochet bag    ..... Thats me I'm out of here and off to the craft room to rat through my cottons..... Till next time happy crafting :)) Pat..