Monday, September 29, 2014

Button crochet flowers.

An interesting way of using up those buttons.. especially when they look like this..Here  I have a box , a large box , some that were from my Mothers collection, some that I have collected on the way..
 crochet buttons along with my tools of trade :))
 Of course the larger the hole the easier it is to pull the cotton through.
I used 4ply and #10 cotton..
Had a lot of fun making these, they will brighten up many projects..

2o down 22 to go, then the smaller rounds that join it all together..

It can be a problem having WIPS in bags.. remembering what hook was used ..  I think it was Dorothy over at  Hooks n Grannies  who suggested to place a note of the hook size in the bag.
Great idea !
I seem to have lots of sticky notes around LOL...

Thats it.... Have a great week .. till next time :)) hugs pat ..


Debi Y. said...

I love those little button flowers - I'm gonna have to make some of those. :)

Dorothy said...

The button flowers seem to be popular at the moment - all that I've seen are very pretty. I haven't tried any yet but might have to try them out sometime. Are you making a blanket with all those circles? Its certainly going to be lovely and bright - 'eye candy' so to speak. BTW thanks for the mention. I now also put a small card in with my WIPs with the name of the pattern, type of yarn (with colour and dye lot) plus the hook size. Makes life easier when you can't remember what you were making LOL. xox

Patricia Lewis said...

Thankyou for stopping by Ladies @Dorothy yes the circles will be a blanket, I think it will be different shades of pink.. LOL..