Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crochet/knit books ,Birthday gift.

 My crochet hook has been a little slow lately..but I have manged to make these lovely scarves .. I was visiting    Dorothy ,and  liked the pattern she had crocheted in One shade of Grey..

  Here to the pattern..

My sister H R, sent me this crochet/knit book , great for embellishments.

But that's not all this one was also in the mail..  :))

I bought this patch work book from the ABC shop in town.. A must have of Cath Kidston..

My dear friend Tina over  Here gave me this gorgeous material . Not sure what pattern I will choose, but I think the Irish Chain is looking a winner at the moment ..

I love this doll from Tilda I purchased the pattern over at esmes .. Esmes is a local store that I just LOVE to visit... always come out with something..

Quilt top I finished today ,Very easy to make just need to complete the rest of it then I can call it Quilt.............

Also finished this quilt.. 10minute block pattern from You Tube..

That's about it from here, a couple of small crochet projects on the way, plus as always more sewing..
Not sure where I will be with google tomorrow, but that will be another learning curve for me I need my son Phil here to work it out for me..

... How about you.. ??


Dorothy said...

Love your 2 scarves - very pretty colours. I'm into scarves at the moment after discovering how big a difference they make in keeping you warm. So cold here at the moment, I'm wearing a scarf most of the time when I'm out. What's happening with google ???? Have a great week. xox

Leanne said...

Your scarves are so pretty Pat. I wish I could crochet.

Faith said...

busy hands are happy hands, and you have been very busy. The scarves are lovely. Material galore, looking forward to seeing what lovelies you make with the pretty material.

Christina Street said...

Love the scarves Pat and your quilt top is looking great... Well done.. :)

linda said...

Lovely scarves I made one with this pattern too, it's lovely to make, I'm planning on making some for Christmas gifts. :)

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

What a haul! Lucky lady :) and your scarves are gorgeous!