Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kiddies hats .

Today  was a celebration day for my friends partner..A birthday is so special when we start to go over that number LOl A tasty lunch at the Hotel Tasmania, and while there, a band was setting up and this was to be a Big evening... It was Grinspoon..... "Wow" I said" are they really.. what a shame they aren't playing now"." Who"? said my friend, " Grinspoon" I told him, but he didn't know who they were, Whew www I thought, thank goodness  I knew who they are.....LOL( theres life in this ole gal)  :))
While walking around town, I was thinking about what I would crochet tonight, I know the new babies will need a couple of warm hats, cotton was on my mind.... So  when we settled down with a good ole cuppa, I decided to look in my box of ready mades.. and there they are, 4 little hats and a beret...... Now all I have to do is find something to crochet tonight :))

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