Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wet ole Day..

It is a wet day today, not that I am complaining about the rain, we need it. :)) After a super day on Thursday I thought summer was pushing its way home... 

The tree ferns look happy today, and growing to large to stay where they were first

Sisters T-shirt collar.
I finished the collar my sister asked me to make for her T-shirt, I used #20 cotton

A very easy and quick pattern, made in a strip. My pet hate is having to crochet
chains by the mile LOL before actually starting the pattern..
close up of crochet and beads.
Here is the pattern for you:
3 ch into first ch work 
1tr, 1ch, 2 tr,2ch turn.
2tr, 1 ch, 2tr, 8ch slst into 6th ch from hook
7ch sl into base of st ch, 5 ch, slst into base of ch.
2ch,2tr 2ch, 2tr..
continue in this manner for as long as required.
I crochet a bead in the 7ch loop..just to make it mine. :))

To all our friends and family in New Zealand, We pray you are safe..
Thankyou for stopping to read my blog.
have a wonderful blessed day :))


glor said...

The collar is just beautiful. What a difference it makes to the shirt! Blessings and prayers to all.

Teen2 said...

Lovely Pat... What's next?? :))

Clara said...

Very nice job and thanks for the pattern.

Maria said...

The collar really sets off against the red, looks wonderful. Wet in Sydney too today

Faith said...

very pretty and feminine....reminds of valentines day..such delicate work..lovely...have a great day!