Wednesday, September 8, 2010

S.O.S for yarn..

Ever started a project thinking you had sufficient Yarn to finish?  Well that was me,,, only to discover how wrong I am.
So .. with friend in tow we headed off to Spotlight........             They were having a sale, all the better I thought, maybe the yarn will be a true bargain....... Wrong again.    None to be found . Zip zilch Zero...... Yarn Bee baby snow 8ply........ Why I ask, there is so much wool , cotton, and synthenic yarn,  and not one ball to be found, all I need is a ball or two. Would you believe me if I tell you after looking at all the lovely yarn, and over to the material section, we walked out empty handed......... We both looked at each other and laughed, who would believe us, we never come home empty handed .. So I am asking all you who read this blog, please if you have a spotlight in your area, please could I ask you when next you visit, please could you check out the yarn section, you just may find my yarn........


Faith said...

No spotlight in my neck of the woods..but I will look for baby bee
at my local craft store. I've never seen busy bee, I usually by
red heart..

Maria said...

Sorry, can't help either, no Spotlight that I can get to