Thursday, September 16, 2010

What to do when I can't crochet ..

What to do , what to do... Maybe the first thing should be how to use this blog LOL I find it a little crazy at times..
Holly Hocks.There is a funny story with this flower.. It actually reads Hollyhooks. When I discovered this, I wasn't at all pleased and looked everywhere for  a spider button.. I wasn't about to undo the mistake,, I found it at the craft fair in Townsville..Which is where i started another quilt.. materials bought from the fair.
Baby rug.....once again another pattern to finish. I pulled the other rug out and started again.
Beadknitting , doll and stand.
Maybe the quilt I started a couple of years ago could be the go.. I have been procrastinating all day. You know how it is, you go from room to room, can't quite make up the mind.. I am in this predicament because I have RSI, and the crocheting is screaming at me to be completed.
But I have managed to do a little beadknitting :)) I find I lose myself in the process of beading, to busy counting beads to worry about other things that don't really matter.

DH has been cooking today and made a couple of marinades, curry paste, and  a Morrocan dish for tonights dinner. So who's the lucky girl eh?    
Thanks for stopping by .. Hope your day has been a blessed one.                                         


Anonymous said...

Lovely Blog I do enjoy looking in to see what you have been creating

Kerrie said...

The last piece pictured is so elegant! I have never seen anything like it! What is the stitch called?? This is also a VERY LOVELY BLOG! I am so happy we found each other! Hugs, Kerrie