Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sugar and Cream

Sugar and Cream.
I love Sugar and Cream cotton, so much that I just had to order some from the States :))
I bought my last stash some years back in Sale Vic. I couldn't believe my luck at the time, but then it seemed to disappear off the shelves of the wool shops...My friend 
was told about spinblessings on the net and it went from there.. So here it is, I love the yellow so bright and happy..I get alot of satisfaction just looking at it LOL.
There is snow on the Tiers, and it is cold.. The sun is shining over my community at the moment and rain forecast this afternoon.. I don't mind as I will be able to crochet....:))

 3 more Orchids in bloom today, a beautiful pink with 5 spikes , and a lemon green. They are such a joy to see.. I have 4 in the home and more outside.. these pics are of  my miniature Orchids.  A lovely gift from my friends last year... Thankyou, Tina and John :))
I Hope you are having a great Saturday..Till next time, thanks for dropping by :))


Dorothy said...

Lovely colours Pat. What are you going to make with the Sugar n Cream ? Just had a look at the website and they recommend a 3.25mm hook .... wouldn't that be a bit small for such thick cotton ? I usually use about 4.50 or 5.00 with S&C.

pattas said...

Thanks Dorothy,
I checked out the hook on the band and it calls for 4.50mm hook:)) so thats what I will use, 3.25 would be to small for me .. What to make?? not sure.. At the moment its part of my stash.. Can't have enough of it LOL

Teen2 said...

I love the colours Pat, i agree, have to be at least a 4.50 hook.