Friday, August 6, 2010

Squares and Yarn.

What to do with my synthentic yarn .......Well I don't like the yarn I bought from a large store in town, it is labeled 8ply but it certainly doesn't work up to the right gauge. So I decided to make squares in what I call Honeycomb.. On the net it is called "Star  Shell". The colours are pretty and I have a box of it... I crocheted the squares using the complete ball, it is a pattern I enjoy making. My friend asked me if it would be possible to make it in straight rows instead of the square..It certainly is and I knew I had a pattern of it some where. Sure enough I found it ,way back in 2004 (I started making Christmas gifts in this pattern and completed them).LOl.....Project Linus .I like this side of the pattern and not what I call the back,( which is the pattern).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information I do like your choice of colours I am hoping to see a pic of your completed work.

Teen2 said...

Hi Pat,
I really love this pattern... i will have to look for it online. Your washers are lovely..