Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Addison Hat pattern is beautiful crochet and this month I have made 6 adding a little flower for decoration... One has winged its way across the ocean to mainland Aust... Love making them here is where you will find the Link...  free pattern here..

Uorner to Corner pattern for this baby blanket.. Very quick and easy,crocheted in 8ply baby yarn.. 4:50 hook.. I found Bev's page so helpful for measurements of all baby and Adult needs . you can find the link Here

There have been other crochet items like , Bags and soakers,.. all made from cotton in my stash... trying so hard to use what I have instead of buying but,,,,, I did manage to find some gorgeous colours at our local wool shop. Knits Needles and Wool...

I have found..... Instagram....You will find me if you look for...crochetisle...

Thats it from me have a great day :))


Faith said...

Hello my friend..these are so cute. My hook is moving ever so slowly as I try to crochet the Promenade Crochet Ensemble for a Barbie doll.It's been a while since I move the small hook. Hoping all is well.

Bev C said...

Hello Pat,

Thanks so much for the links to the hat patterns. I have a family member who loves doing small items like this. Love that baby blanket. Enjoy using up the stash.

Happy days.