Thursday, March 22, 2012

Breathe Deep, Stand Tall..

I guess you are wondering what I am on about, but you will have to bear with me as I put a very important link in here..Endure to Cure..
My youngest son in participating in his first Iron Man for Charity..
What I am asking you to do is to open the link and read a little about this young man and why he is running, swimming, and riding..
Along with a team in Victoria Australia, they will be "Breathing Deep and Standing Tall " ..


Tina said...

How wonderful Pat... That your son Ben has such love and respect for you and his dad and his brothers.. Such a lovely young man and a son to be very proud of... :))

Dorothy said...

What an inspirational and caring, wonderful young man. I wish him well in his venture. Those squares look interesting Pat .. don't think I've seen that pattern before.

Debi Y. said...

Good luck to your son - I wish him all the best. :)

Crissi said...

Very nice Grannys!

pattas said...

Thankyou ladies.. :)) Very kind comments ..

Dorothy, I'm not sure, but I will hunt the pattern out for you..:))

Maria Aussie said...

Lots of luck to your son, very inspirational and thoughtful

One pair of Hands said...

What a beautiful young man Pat. You must be very proud of him. I must say Ben's story left me gasping. I wish him every success and my best wishes too to your family.
Your grannies are pretty.

Anonymous said...

To Ben a wonderful comitted young man who is a genuine and caring being we send our best wishes for your effort on Sunday, remember 'Carpe Diem''Seize the Day'

lovestitch said...

My best to your son!!!
Those granny squares are so beautiful and look so soft! I would also love to have the pattern!
Great weekend to you and yours! xo

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a handsome, compassionate young man. It's a wonderful thing to be involved in giving back to a wonderful cause. Sending many blessings his way. Tammy

knitalatte said...

What a wonderful young man you have raised. You must be so proud. I wish him the best. Love your granny squares and the colors are so spring!

Lia said...

Very nice squares and a lot of them, also present in your new header... What will these become?
Best wishes to your son!