Monday, March 19, 2012

Giggles ..

Giggles indeed.. soft, colourful.... but not easy to crochet.. for me that is.. I love the feel of it but cannot see the stitches.. So do I use another yarn with it ??
It is slightly stretchy..
 I just love the colours. ..
It makes a great dish cloth, or even a fab bath mat... decisions, decisions..

This dear little jacket is made from a pattern in the book Surprise crochet, Sweaters for baby ..  Now I have to tell you it is a brilliant pattern.. made in one piece..

back view.. It was crocheted in yarn I bought from a local shop for about $2 for 100grams balls.. Hook #5mm.  It is slightly thicker than Aussie 8ply..

I am itching to make another, but I have been reading my old crochet books and am dying to get stuck into filet crochet.. so many gorgeous patterns..

Not enough hours in my day...    :))


Tina said...

gorgeous Pat.. Love the colours.. :))

Anonymous said...

pretty little garment lovely crochet keep up the good work !

Dorothy said...

Turned out lovely Pat. Did you find the front was a little longer than the back? Mine was and I can't figure out why. Its still a UFO because of that !!

Debi Y. said...

That giggles yarn kind of reminds me of the Homespun yarn we have here - I cannot crochet with that stuff to save my life. Drives me crazy.

I love the little baby sweater - the pink and grey are so pretty together. :)

One pair of Hands said...

I can't resist coloured yarn like this but I think, like you, I would have trouble working with it. I love the darling little jacket. I tried the knitted surprise jacket and was disappointed with it, probably because I couldn't see where I was going with it. It's still a UFO. Who knows; I might finish it in a mad moment. This one looks much more my cup of tea.

Lia said...

Very nice, Patricia!
Maybe I will restart also crocheted items for babies...

pattas said...

Thankyou ladies..
@ Dorothy :)) the front doesn't seem to be longer than the back.
I wonder if you can see the mistake I made..LOL..
@O.P.Hs .. I just studied the pic on how to sew the jacket together.. :))

Kerrie said...

This is jaw-dropping beautiful! What a wonderful pattern! I have had fun catching up on your blog. Since my hubby's passing, I have not done much visiting but am slowly getting to visit more :) Hugs, Kerrie