Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby jackets Part 3 ..

More of those precious little jackets..
 I am getting quite a collection now ,and soon will have enough to go to the babies in need.. I am enjoying making them so much that I purchased a crochet book on booktopia.. I saw it first on Dorothys Blog..  A great read, scroll down and you can see the pic of the book.. and all the wonderful crochet/knitting  :))

The chef has been busy using up the last of those beautiful toms.. The tom juice is in the freezer ready for soup bases..

But wait there is more , 25% more LOL..
Cheese........ I am so spoilt... This time .. Rind wash cheese..
Cheese in the wonderful wash of Australian Rose Mount Cabernet Sauvignon..
this will be ready in about 3mnths... I have to wait that long LOL.............

Thats it for today...   Have a great crafty week.. Keep those comments coming,
You know I love to read them ..:)) Cheers..


Crissi said...

Oh the Baby jacket is so pretty! Very nice work!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh you have pricked my memory...I have a pattern like this somewhere lol! I made one of these bolero jackets when pregnant with my third child...they are so darn cute!!


Debi Y. said...

The baby jackets are so adorable. I can just picture them on little babies keeping them warm. :)

Maria Aussie said...

The jackets are gorgeous, matched exactly by how yummy those cheeses look

glor said...

Beautiful work on the jackets.

Astri said...

Oh my goodness this all looks so delicious! Love the soup base idea.