Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Owl Purse..

Can't believe I have actually finished this fabulous Owl pattern. Thanks to 
Scottys Place Where Pammy had a link to a beautiful knitted shawl with the owls ..Here
The search was on for a crochet pattern... And this now completes the story.. Well sort of , because now...... I have to crochet the next  OWL pattern.

Progress this morning , starting to take the shape of the Owl..

The Pattern is available over at Carlinda Lewis
TA DA..............  Cool eh? 
I have noticed that my smaller owls are different to the pattern pic.. If anyone makes this Purse, I would be interested to know if yours turns out the same ....
have a great day :))


Tina said...

Hi Pat.. I did notice there is a difference but looking at where the pattern is for sale she says the pdf is not for that purse. Not sure why that would be, if you advertise a pattern for sale shouldn't it be the same as the photo?? How else can you know if it is right?? Beautiful work anyway Pat.. Well done as always.. :)

Tina said...

Just to add to that last comment.. I have ordered the pattern today.. We'll see what happens.. :)

Pammy Sue said...

Beautiful job! That first completed owl looks perfect. Love those eyes. Can't wait to attempt it. I think I will have time tomorrow if all stays quiet on the work front (knock on wood!). What yarn are you using?

pattas said...

Thankyou for comments here ladies, @ Pammy Sue,,,
Panda Mugnum 8ply
not sure what that would be in American yarn..

@ Tina, I did notice that .. not sure why it would be... :))

Ben lewis said...

Very nicely done Mum ;)

Tammy said...

Well, even if they are different, you can still see they are owls and so very cool! Best wishes, Tammy