Monday, May 23, 2011

More Mitts..

Back again after a very busy week here on my patch.
So what have I been doing all week I hear you ask ??
On the crochet front it looks like this :))
crocheted hug me tight.
I thought I would crochet the" hug me tight" pattern instead of knitting. I love the colour .
It is Patons Big Baby 4ply, using a 3mm hook. I like to have something small on the go that I can  pick up and crochet while waiting for other things to happen :))
 red mitts waiting to be finished. 
A slightly different back view of a neck warmer.
3 completed sets of mitts,
close up view of the sts used..

Of course I still have on the Hook,
A baby shawl,
2 baby jackets,
1 pair socks,
2 scarfs,
1 Adult jacket,
2 knitted jackets awaiting quilted fronts..
Oh my goodness, will I complete these ufo's this year??
Who knows but I will give it my best shot LOL..
 For all you cheese lovers out there,
 Hubby and I sampled his
Camembert cheese, it tasted so good..
I'll see you over at your place :)) Till then "Cheers"


Jacey said...

I love your mits, such a great pattern, is it your own ? x

Dorothy said...

So comforting to know that others also have a zillion ufo's !! :) I love the blanket on the header of your blog .. such a gorgeous colour too.

Richard Rose said...

You have a couple more UFOs than me, and I not sure how many of mine will be finished this year.

Faith said...

Beautiful work.....that cheese plate looks it creamy cheese, goat cheese...I'll give a look for it..Miss "Tassie" sends her best..heres hoping something just special for you comes your way..

Pammy Sue said...

Oooo...I love those cream colored ones! So pretty.

vikki said...

I can't have alot of projects going at once..drives me crazy..I wish I could

lovestitch said...

Your mits are sooooooooo beautiful! I love them so, such a inspiring pattern!
Thanks for your sharing, Pat. That meant a lot! :)
Have a nice day!

Doris Sturm said...

I love Camembert cheese - I grew up on it. I have a hard time finding it here...I find the Brie (which is similar) but seldom the Camembert...of course, I live in a little 2-horse town (but the folks here call it city)...anyway, that stitch looks intriguing, the one on your neckwarmer and wristlets...what is it called? I don't think I've seen it before... I'd like to incorporate it in some of my work. Thank you! I found you through Crochet by the Sea's blog.