Monday, August 27, 2012

Rose baby rug ..

Claudes pattern can be found here

Apple Blossoms rose pattern here

Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to you all who have stopped by my last blog :))and to the beautiful ladies  who have joined..
If you have questions, I will answer you on the blog or by private mail if you have it switched on...  Thankyou :))

I completed the edging of the Rose baby rug last evening.. it measures 30x32"".
I love the ice pink yarn,(not a true colour in the pic) although a cheaper brand than I would normally use for babies items , I was amazed at how easy it was to crochet.. No splitting of the yarn which is a bonus if you use cheap yarn, and it feels soft..
Will I use it again??  if I can find it in ice blue lol..
Dorothy over at Hooks and Grannies asked a question of a group of crocheters at
Australiacrochet, what yarn,wool, we used for making baby items..
Bendigo wool , Wendy, Panda were some of the answers, But the most popular was Bendigo baby Wool.  
It is so soft to crochet .. I am about to order white 4ply as the Chef and I are to become grandparents to our youngest son and his partner.. Its very exciting.. Although this will make 8 for me.. It never loses it shine.. being a gran is just the best thing...:))
This is Claude.. Lazing about with his quilted jacket.. I made the little jacket  about 25 odd years ago... yep still got it .. Gosh its getting to be a family heirloom LOL..
 A peek at the new material I purchased here on the net from NSW.. Craft Depot..

 Back to sewing machine today... Overcast and a cold wind blowing in (snow on the mountains...) brrr..
Bring on Summer ........ I am so over winter........LOL

Have a great week everyone..  and remember a smile goes for miles.. Cheers..


Astri said...

The blanket turned out just absolutely lovely! Please let me know if you find the ice blue color...that's my favorite color and a hard one to find.

Love the jacket and the charming that it's been around for a while. :-)

Dorothy said...

Hello Pat .. Your baby blanket is very pretty - what was the name of the yarn you used? Always nice to know which of the cheaper brands is nice to work with. A new grandchild is something special to look forward to - do you know if its a boy or girl? BTW thanks for the link in your post - I have 2 gorgeous balls of BWM 4ply baby wool just waiting for me to find something I want to make. Have a great week. xoxox

Nettie's Blog said...

love the rug.... any new mum would adore to have that on her new baby's cot...gorgeous...XXX

chrisartist said...

Gorgeous work!
The beautiful photo at the top is George Town?
Simply beautiful.

Faith said...

Checking in on you, and what's up..a lovely blanket...that yarn does look soft. blessings to you my friend....

Faith said...

Ah yes, are going into yours now..and thre is something to be said for the sweetness of spring, and flowers and gardenin prospects...a time for renewal and bursts of color....may your winter be over soon, not my favorite has it's own beauty...thanks for stopping over dear friend...:)

Faith said...

Hi Pat, everything ok? Hoping you are having a lovely out in your garden...:)