Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring Colours.

Spring in my garden.
It was a sunny morning, birds chirping, and eating an apple I had place out for them... I thought it had been to cold for the little creatures , and they needed a helping hand finding seeds... I love the birds in the garden. When the summer returns the Galahs and parrots will return and they love the sunflower seeds . The colours of the birds can be breath taking,. What a great way to find the colours for yarn or cotton so natural.
I decided to join the hexegons my friend  Tina
had crocheted for me. The colours match the flowers in the garden this Spring.

Flowering Black Currant.
waiting to be crocheted together .
enjoying the sunshine..
"Daisy , Daisy, give me your answer do "
I hope you are having a Blessed Monday, happy crafting :))


Teen2 said...

What a bounty of colours.. All things bright an beautiful. Can't wait to see your hexagons joined together... :))

Faith said...

What beautiful colors...a feast for the eyes. Hexy's are pretty...I have a hexy quilt there is a picture of it on my needs a border, and there is a few to be joined yet..not my favorite part of the jog....yours will be bright and beautiful...

Maria said...

Nature is a great place to look for colour inspiration - bright, mute, warm etc
I really like hexagons and the colours chosen, the yellow and green hexagon. Can we get a close up of it, please