Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progress of a CAL

A Beginning.
yarn and CAL beginning
After much deliberation I have settled for these colours, although the picture doesn't do it justice.. In the light of day , it looks  ok. Although the yarn is "Marvel" and not one of my favourite, it is crocheting up quite well.. It is for a gift, and I know it will be appreciated.. :)) Yesterday morning was spent working out another 4 squares I had previously made of the same pattern,should I sew them together, dc around, or lace it... None  of the joins worked for me, so they will be made into cushions for Christmas gifts, that's another one out of the way.

The 4 squares are very pretty and will make lovely cushions.
Post st pot holder.
Completed in Sugar and Cream Cotton..
I did manage to complete the potholder, with the sugar and cream order that arrived last week.. it is completed with crab st.( reverse DC aus.) It gives the item a neat finish.                                                                                                                    Well it is back to looking at baby patterns once again.. I love making tiny items, but what does one make for a baby due in the summer time???  Crochet Bibs are marvelous and I think i will make a couple in S&C..
 Have a great Tuesday, and thanks for stopping by. :))   


Maria said...

I do like the blanket pattern, but with a name like Wool-Eater I'm not too keen on working it.
They do look rather nice though

Teen2 said...

Hi Pat, love the colours you have chosen.. can't wait to see it finished.. :))

Clara said...

Very, very nice. It will be nice to see once it is done. Wool eater or not, it's beautiful.

Faith said...

Oh I do love the crochet pot holders...never thought of sugar and cream yarn, they have pretty colors. I always use thread..thanks for tip.