Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crochet Orchid completed.

White Orchid in flower today.
Thanks to Tina my Orchid is amazing, I have about 12 other plants in different colours that will light up my life this coming season..
To celebrate the flower here is my crocheted orchid I think it is a Cattleya....Not to bad for a trial run.. I made it using Bendigo 4ply cotton, but thinking seriously of creating a Cymbidium in #10 cotton. 

It was another lovely day spent with my friend, crocheting , lunching, and working out patterns... It rained most of the day which made for a pleasant day.


Teen2 said...

Yep, yours is definately better than mine, must be the thicker cotton you used.. :))

Anonymous said...

Nice, I will try to make one, Thanks for sharing...