Monday, August 2, 2010

Cold but sunny Morning..

What a lovely Morning it is (so far).. the sun in pouring is through the windows and how grateful I am... It is still cold outside and snow for the highlands during the week.. Well i know we must expect it, after all it is winter........ :)) I know I should be out in the garden, there are roses to be seen to, the old daisies need cutting back, and the grass could do with a mow also, but i have crocheting to do.............
Last night I made another washer, this time for one of the boys, I thought in terms of darker colours and a highlight. Into my box of cottons I looked, and came across Moss green and Oatmeal colours from  Bendigo Woollen Mills. Because it was in a hank, I took out my trusty winder and reel and set to work, and this is what I came up with. I can't say I am at all happy with it, the shape is all wrong.I used a 4:50mm hook with 8ply cotton and normaly my tension requires a 4mm hook. Back to the drawing board , and an afternoon of crochet. Now that makes my heart sing....... :))

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Teen2 said...

I like this one Pat... good job..:))