Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cattleya crochet

Cattleya made in #10 cotton.
Good Morning........ What a lovely wet day again, so much crocheting to be done on days just like this :)) I finished the smaller Orchid this morning and thought it would be a good idea to post a pic of the actual flower.. The book is called "Orchids for Everyone"( Treasure press) .
Today I thought I would make a Cymbidium,  A little easier than the Cattleya... we will see what happens there.
The need is to do something different. Should I finish off a ufo? Start another project, continue with my beadknitting,? Choices , choices...
Maria's squares and gift.
In yesterdays mail I received a parcel from the USA. It was a crocheted square from Maria . I belong to a crochet group that exchanges 7"squares..  We have members from all over Aus and USA. A great place to swap ideas and find lots of inspiration, .


Teen2 said...

Lovely Pat!! I like the colours and look forward to seeing your cym.. :)

pattas said...

Thanks to you for your encouragement to make it..:)) I think we should try it in Beads, what do you think?